Can You be Gay and Christian…

is the title of a supposed discussion that will take place tonight (there might be a problem with the date) in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I don’t know about you, but if someone like DL Foster said yes, let’s have a discussion about this, I would run the other way (and by the way, Foster must be furious he didn’t think of this first!).  Dr. Brown, who runs the Coalition of Conscience, was upset that there were some gay clergy at a gay pride event. 

He says of this discussion he wants to have:

"This is a highly divisive issue that is of paramount importance to tens thousands of Christians in the greater Charlotte area, and it’s about time that we bring the relevant issues to light in a mutually respectful, Christlike manner. Hopefully, clergy in the gay and lesbian community will be willing to come out on this issue too."


"Hopefully, in 21st century America, we can air our differences and have serious interaction without engaging in name-calling, hate speech, or rancor. And certainly, there will be no gay-bashing from me."

No rancor, no name-calling, no gay-bashing?  Well, those are nice words, but let’s look at what Dr. Brown really thinks of gays and lesbians.

He clearly doesn’t think that gays and be Christians (otherwise, why would he want to have the debate in the first place).  Now why would I say this?  Because if you go to their website, Dr. Brown writes an article called "Diversity or Perversity?"  Does he really want to have a respectful dialogue with gays and lesbians?  Here is a little of what he has to say:

Thus, when British soldiers marched in a gay pride parade for the first time (on August 27, 2005, in Manchester), it demonstrated “that the Army accepts change and is very progressive, open-minded, embracing diversity, showing a higher degree of tolerance” (as quoted by BBC News). Similarly, gay pride events worldwide are often billed as celebrations of diversity, and when objections have been raised to the lewd public displays often associated with these very public events – which have included drag queens simulating sex acts, topless, motorcycle-riding lesbians (“Dikes on Bikes”) celebrating nipple freedom, men parading down the streets wearing nothing but shoes, and large floats with massive, protruding phalluses – those objecting have been scolded for their failure to embrace diversity.

Diversity? Isn’t this perversity rather than diversity?

Here is a bit more of what he had to say:

To ask a pointed question, On what basis should pedophilia and bestiality not be included under the rubric of “diversity”? And if the public perversity often paraded at gay pride events is protected under the heading of diversity, why shouldn’t pedophilia – especially, “consensual” sex between a minor and his “lover” – be protected under that same heading? And why not even bestiality? On what concrete, moral basis?

He also has written a "Statement to the Gay and Lesbian Community" (written May 2006) (here is only part of it):

As a church leader in the greater Charlotte area, I want to take a moment to address the homosexual community of this city. As most of you know, for the last four years, Christian groups have protested the gay pride events that have taken place here in Marshall Park. You know that we have objected to the public displays of lewdness and to the obscene speeches and entertainment, and we have stated clearly that such things – be they heterosexual or homosexual – do not belong in our city parks.

But there is something else we want you to hear. We recognize that we have sometimes failed to reach out to you with grace and compassion, that we have often been insensitive to your struggles, that we have driven some of you away rather than drawn you in, that we have added to your sense of rejection. For these failings of ours, we ask you to forgive us. By God’s grace, we intend to be models of His love.

And so we will not stop loving you, even if you call us bigots, even if you claim we are depriving you of your civil rights, even if you mock us and call us Bible-ranters. We will pray for you and fast for you and reach out to you and suffer alongside of you. Whether you understand it or not, we are here to help.

We do not look down on you or despise you, since for us, the ultimate issue is not homosexuality or heterosexuality. All human beings fall short of God’s standards in many ways, and all of us – heterosexual and homosexual alike – need God’s mercy through the blood of Jesus. All of us need forgiveness, and all of us need to turn from our sins and ask God for grace to lead a holy and virtuous life.

You can reject our message, but we will still love you. You can question our motivation, but we will still love you. You can consider us hateful and intolerant, but we will still love you, and we hope that our actions will speak louder than our words. We personally extend an invitation to sit down and talk with us face to face. It is true that we have some profound and deep differences, but we need not differ in a mean-spirited and destructive way.

We extend to you afresh the message of God’s transforming love through Jesus.

You have to wonder how someone can honestly write that, but yet write articles like "Diversity or Perversity?"

Dr. Brown is also hawking a video he made titled Homosexuality, the Church and Society.  The description for these videos:

This could be the most important resource ever produced by this ministry! More than eight hours of eye-opening, carefully-documented, shocking truth that cannot be ignored.

Topics include: The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Separating Fact from Fiction; What the Church Can Learn From the Gay and Lesbian Community; Is There Really a Gay Agenda?; Corporate Sponsorship of "Diversity"; Debunking the Myth of The Human Rights Campaign

I think the gay clergy should steer clear of this forum.  It is nothing but a setup.  He claims he wants a respectful dialogue, but you can read his real feelings above.

Besides, my answer to that question he wants to discuss is:

If divorcees can be Christian and are wholeheartedly accepted in the church even though God hates divorce and Christ forbids it in all cases except for cheating, then gays and lesbians can be Christian.  I think that is a pretty simple answer to a simple question.

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2 Responses to Can You be Gay and Christian…

  1. Unknown says:

    My Blog:"If divorcees can be Christian and are
    wholeheartedly accepted in the church even though God hates divorce and
    Christ forbids it in all cases except for cheating, then gays and
    lesbians can be Christian.  I think that is a pretty simple answer to a
    simple question."To have once divorced, then repented and become a Christian is different from divorcing WHILE being a Christian.   And even then, we all stumble and fall sometimes.  I would however question the validity of someone\’s faith who is actively divorcing their spouse while professing their faith in Jesus. In the same way, someone could have once been homosexual, but repented of it and become a Christian.  Or even struggle with the feelings of homosexuality in their lives, and yet remain a Christian.  But someone who is actively homosexual, proud of it, and even defines themself by it, I really don\’t think that is compatible with following Jesus in any true sense.The same thing is true with all sins.  A murderer or thief can repent of their ways and choose to follow Jesus.  A mobster who is proud of it and doesn\’t change his ways can\’t be truly following Jesus.

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the comments.  I disagree with you on some things.  How many Christians who have divorced for reasons other than promiscuity have repented?  There are millions of divorcees out there who are constantly getting remarried in a Christian setting.  It was God who said he hated divorce, and it was Jesus who forbid it for all except one reason.  But the main question is why aren\’t these anti-gay Christians trying to stop divorcees from getting remarried?  Why aren\’t there calls to change the constitution to protect marriage?  Why aren\’t their calls for the government to stop adoptions?  If God hates divorce, then that should count for something.  That is my real point with what I said.  These divorcees say they are Christian, but is that "compatible with following Jesus in any true sense"?  If people want to live by the word of that book, that is fine with me.  But I draw the line when what people like and don\’t like is just picking and choosing. 

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