Stacy Harp Recommends Jerry Thacker

Today Stacy Harp’s "Site of the Day’ is a sermon (I guess that is what it is) by a man named Jerry Thacker.  Not surprisingly, he speaks about her favorite topic, homosexuality, and in particular, his talk is titled "Myths of Homosexuality."  Stacy says this about Thacker and his message (I’ve removed one of the links):

It’s been a few days since I’ve recommended a site but never fear, I’m getting to it today. Today I want to share with you a wonderful sermon that is on Sermon Audio, called The Myths of Homosexuality – Click Here to Listen to this wonderful fact filled sermon.

What is especially special about this sermon is that Jerry Thacker, the guy preaching it, contracted AIDS as a result of a blood transfusion given to his wife in 1984. You can read Jerry’s story at his ministry website Scepter Institute. Jerry’s site has a wealth of great information on AIDS, abstinence and other related areas.

I urge you to please take a few moments today to check it out. Its a wonderful page, and also, I’ve got a call into them to do an interview with them about what they do. When we have that booked, I’ll let you know.

I just finished listening to about 15 minutes of this stuff, and when he started to quote James Cameron, whose site is listed as a hate site, then I turned it off.  I should have turned it off when I heard that the talk was given at Bob Jones University, the very place where interracial dating was banned until the year 2000

Anyway, Thacker and his wife and most of his family have HIV.  They got this when his wife had a blood transfusion in 1986.  Now Thacker doesn’t say this, but it is clear he blames this on male homosexuals for all of his problems.  He doesn’t bring up the idea that the HIV could have come from drug users.  So he really dislikes gay men because they have caused all of the problems in his life.  It is a sad thing that he and his family have HIV, but it is even sadder that he blames all his problems on gay men. 

In fact, to show you how sad this all is, he states on his talk that the first thing that he and his wife thought of when they were told they had HIV was not their health or their family, but on the fact that people would believe that they were ‘practitioners of homosexuality’ and god forbid that they be seen like that!  He also mentions that when they traveled to see a doctor, they could tell that the patients were homosexuals. He then states that the dr. had 1000 patients, all but three were men, and all worked for the government (yes, he said all).  He then makes a comment that he knows what the problem really is in Washington…

He calls homosexuality a ‘sinful deathstyle.’  He states that homosexuality is the judgement of God up on America, but he doesn’t believe that AIDS is (of course he wouldn’t since he has AIDS and his god wouldn’t dare be mad at him).

After rambling on for 15 minutes, he finally gets to talking about the ‘myths of homosexuality.’  The first myth is that ‘homosexuality is a beneficial lifestyle.’  He then states that ‘studies have shown’ that alcohol and drug use and depression is rampant in the gay community.  Of course, Thacker, like some ex-gays, believe that this is because one is gay, not because of other issues.  He also doesn’t look at studies that reveal why some gays and lesbians have these problems…

I stopped listening when Thacker quoted a bit of ‘research’ by Paul Cameron.  Thacker claimed that the average lifespan of an active homosexual was 42 years of age.  What a bunch of bullshit (to put it lightly).  And that is where I stopped listening.  Anyone who quotes Paul Cameron and his hate is not worth my time.

But apparently it is worth Stacy Harp’s time since this is her Site of the Day.  "What a wonderful sermon" she coos.  Yeah right.  I seem to recall that Stacy thought Guy Randall and his ‘sex with babies’ was pretty amazing too.  I wonder if Stacy actually listened to that drivel, or if she just got so excited that someone else was discussing her favorite topic? 

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2 Responses to Stacy Harp Recommends Jerry Thacker

  1. Rob says:

     Lol!  Hey, I\’m 41 but I\’m already dead inside – does that count?
    These people would be funny, except that some people take them seriously.

  2. Kevin says:

    Well, I am a tad bit older than you.  But I\’m still kicking!  🙂 

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