A Love Note From Mark at Chesterstreet (well, not exactly a love note)

A little love note (or its opposite?) was posted by Mark at Chesterstreet that once again is about me.  I am just so special!  🙂

cherp… cherp… cherp…
Note: Dr Kevin will be "teaching" this year. I say he is a coward for not backing up his lies, his relative views and his own logic. I hope and pray some of his less brain washed students will call him on his utter bullshit claims with fact, reality, and history.

I think that should actually be chirp…chirp…chirp…

What he means by that is that I am not leaving comments at his site and not arguing with him.  He really is into confrontation, poor guy.  As usual, the all-knowing, all-seeing Mark thinks he actually knows who I am.  We’ve never met, even though I tried to meet with him once (and I initiated the invitation).  Well, he can pretend that he knows all about me, all he wants to.  And I have no clue what he means by saying that I am a coward "for not backing up his lies, his relative views and his own logic."  How do you back up lies?  Sure, I can easily back up my views using logic, but lies?  That would mean I would be telling lies in the first place.  Maybe he can fill me in on that little technique of backing up lies. 

I have a feeling that he is once again defending Robert, who by the way, has not responded to my challenge of telling me where I lie.  Talk about chirp…chirp…chirp…

About my students–I always encourage students to discuss things with me.  Always.  I said it numerous times.  I also said that I want them to look at other sources instead of just believing what I say.  I told them that people have other views on topics that are different from mine.  I don’t want them to think that some book is the be-all, end-all source for what they are learning about.  I don’t want one person to be the source for all of their information.  Blind faith in something or someone is a big problem.  Some people like Mark don’t get this, but that is what learning is all about–confronting what you know with new things that you learn and then you try and put it all together.  Outright rejection is not learning.  Believing that you already know everything you need to know is not learning. 

Now one thing I don’t allow in my class if for students to say things like ‘bullshit" and "that is just a lie" or call people "coward" or "leftist" or any other name.  It has never happened before and I make it clear in every class I teach that we are all going to be friendly with each other and that there are ways to differ using constructive criticism.  This is college, after all and not the junior high playground.  If someone wants to disagree, I am all for it.  I encourage it.  I find that when my students disagree or bring up another point, I might learn and I hear something that I haven’t thought about before. 

I certainly am not perfect in my historical knowledge.  And I’ve made at least one mistake that I can think of when I was teaching.  Last year, in my Epic Literature course, we were discussing the importance of numbers in some cultures.  I had prepared a number of things that I thought would tie in to the number of letters in our alphabet, which I said was 24.  No one was getting the parallels (I wanted them to say that yes, we can see where the numbers related to our own alphabet).  With much embarrassment and laughter, I realized that I had forgotten how many letters were in our alphabet (26).  🙂  I guess after learning a number of different languages and alphabets, the number of letters just don’t matter to me anymore!  🙂  We all had a good laugh and continued on. 

So, in conclusion, if they know their history and their facts and can use them constructively, then I’ve done my job.  But some people just don’t know what constructive criticism means and would rather call people names instead of dealing directly with the issues.  I suppose for some it is easier that way (much like creationism is much easier to think about than evolution–but that is a whole other topic!).


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