Wow is DL Foster MAD!

DL Foster should really calm down–he is going to give himself a stroke.  He is extremely pissed off (to say the least) that some black pastors have the guts to stand up to the truth that Hate Crime legislation has absolutely nothing to do with free speech.  Here are a couple of his comments (I’ve taken out the links and I have done the bolding and underlining):

Independent Conservative has the details on a new misinformation campaign fronted by the National Black Justice Coalition a gay political organization which pimps African American false prophets to justify so-called hate crimes legislation to the African American community.

Pimps, false prophets, so-call hate crime legislation?   Why is it that sometimes those in protected groups hate it when other groups want to be included in protections?  You would think that groups who have been discriminated against would understand what discrimination is all about.  I guess that is really too much to hope for.  There is a power struggle going on here.  Those who are included sometimes try to keep out those they think don’t belong.  It happens all the time.  White with black, male with female, heterosexual with homosexual, Christian with everyone else. 

Here are the list of those who stand up to tell the truth (but not exactly the truth that DL Foster and others like him like to hear!):

Among the headliners are Carlton Pearson, Yvette Flunder, Tonia Rawls and Irene Monroe. We’ve reported on their doctrine before, but it appears they’ve reached even lower lows by signing on to partake of the political religion of the liberal left

Now listen what DL Foster has to say about these truth-tellers:

We think it to be shadows of the false prophet(religious authority)-antichrist(god)- and the beast (political authority) triumvirate of Revelation.

Wow.  So it sounds as though DL Foster thinks this is the beginning of the end.  Poor guy.  Maybe it is for him, but it is really just the beginning for many other people.  I have to say I don’t understand what the words in parentheses are meant to signify.  Sure, the false prophet (bad) is the opposite of religious authority (good).  The anti-Christ (bad) is the opposite of God (good).  But is the beast (bad) the opposite of political authority (good)?  Maybe someone can fill me in here on what kind of logic DL Foster is trying to use.  Am I missing the point of these words in the parentheses?  Maybe DL Foster thinks political authority is good?  It reminds me of a movie I tried to watch last night called Lucky Slevin.  I thought it was awful (and I stopped watching it half-way through) because the endless, inane dialogue, I felt, was used just as a filler for a bad plot…

And Robert Bayn left his two cents as well in the comment section:

I heard that Carlton Pearson once said that preaching against homosexuality should be made illegal because it is as lethal as a preacher pulling out a gun and shooting people.

I would not take his opinion seriously on this issue, for that reason alone, not to mention I believe he is a false teacher, this inclusion doctrine, is straight from the pit of hell. There is one way and one truth, and Mr. Pearson ain’t got it!

From the ‘pit of hell’?  A ‘false teacher’?

This demonizing of people is really what the problem is here.  When people speak the clear truth (anyone, if they really want to, can read the legislation) and then are demonized, it shows that the other side can’t really think of anything decent to say.  Their side is ALWAYS right, regardless of the circumstances.  This is a familiar pattern to me and anyone who knows even the slightest shred of history.  Religious wars have been started because one side thinks they have the absolute answer and they think that the other side is a demon (or the anti-christ or a false prophet).  It gets tiring to see people so entrenched in their religious beliefs that they can’t think outside of the box that was created for them.  It causes so many problems.  Luckily not all religious people think like this.  And luckily not all those who are demonized for thinking differently call people names instead of trying to have a good dialogue. 


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One Response to Wow is DL Foster MAD!

  1. Rob says:

    Pimping?  For the use of unflattering stereotypes, I dub DownLow Foster a dirty rascist. 

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