Senator Larry Craig–Newest Republican Hypocrite

Senator Larry Craig, a three term Republican from Idaho, was arrested and plead guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct that occurred in the men’s bathroom at the Minneapolis airport.  He was arrested after an undercover policeman thought he was involved in lewd conduct in the bathroom.  He also said that he had a ‘wide stance’ when he goes to the bathroom, so his foot might have hit the undercover policeman’s foot in the stall next to his.  Yeah right.  What is so special about Republican Senator Craig?  For one thing, he is married.  To a woman, and you don’t find women in the men’s bathroom involved with lewd conduct.  Two, he is a Republican.  Three, he has consistently voted against anything that has to do with gays and lesbians.  Here is his voting record on this topic:

  • He voted YES for the constitutional ban on same sex marriage
  • Voted NO on adding sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes. (Jun 2002)
  • Voted NO on expanding hate crimes to include sexual orientation. (Jun 2000)
  • Voted YES on prohibiting same-sex marriage. (Sep 1996)
  • Voted NO on prohibiting job discrimination by sexual orientation. (Sep 1996)

He also endorsed his own states anti-gay agenda.  So while he is slinking around with men secretly, he is denying the rest of us our rights. 


He was also:

  • Rated 100% by the Christian Coalition: a pro-family voting record. (Dec 2003)
  • One wonders what the members of the now-defunct Christian Coalition have to think about their poster boy now?

    So let’s see:  the good family man, who thinks gay and lesbian marriage will destroy his own marriage is trying to have sex with men in public bathrooms in airports?  So who EXACTLY is destroying his own straight marriage?  I think Senator Craig is a great example of a closet homosexual who cannot deal publicly with his sexuality and therefore votes consistently to keep gay men (which obviously he is one) and lesbians from getting equal protection and equal rights, only to keep his own sexuality out of the limelight.  People like him are disgusting because he has hurt many people.  What a bastard.  But somehow I am not surprised. This seems to be a common trend with these Republicans who are so anti-gay.  Now we will see how his good Christian voters feel about him.  I think all of his votes should be tossed out, along with him.  Isn’t lying to the public about sex an impeachable offense?

    Here is what I hope happens to someone like this, whose actions have caused so much harm to people:

    1)  His wife should kick his ass out and get a divorce.  Both of them should also make a statement that their divorce was not caused by gays and lesbians wanting to get married.

    2)  He should be kicked out of the Senate and his voting record on these issues officially deleted. 

    3)  He should be actively involved in the protection of gays and lesbians in the future, starting by a full and absolute apology for voting against us for years, which was done only to protect himself. 


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    3 Responses to Senator Larry Craig–Newest Republican Hypocrite

    1. Rob says:

       I\’m not 100% on this but I think his "beard" was a member of his staff.

    2. Misty Moon says:

      You are correct in your assumptions, my friends and I often have the discussion that the people that are the most adamant about not allowing gay marriage usually have gay tendencies. Thank you for this.

    3. Kevin says:

      Hey Misty Moon,
      Yep, I think those who cry loudly against gays and lesbians usually have something to hide…

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