Peter LaBarbera’s Banquet is having some Indigestion…

Remember I mentioned that Peter LaBarbera was planning a nice little get-together banquet for all of his anti-gay activist friends (at $50/head)?  Well, Peter tried to get the Holiday Inn to host it, but once he told them it might be a night of gay activists invading the hotel and protesting, Holiday Inn canceled his reservation.  Good for them.  Of course Peter isn’t happy and has enlisted the help of Liberty Counsel, a group of "Christian" lawyers who sue anything and everything that isn’t Christian.  I imagine someone got ahold of the Holiday Inn and sent along numerous articles on Peter LaBarbera and his life-long obsession with all things gay and lesbian.  They probably figured there wouldn’t be a big crowd anyway (except for gay activists, of course). 

In the article, Peter LaBarbera says he can’t imagine the hotel doing the same for ‘homosexual’ activists.  However, what Peter LaBarbera just can understand is that ‘homosexual activists’ would probably not be having a banquet and inviting ex-Christians to bash Christians, or ex-heterosexuals to bash heterosexuals.  His banquet is designed to do just that to gays and lesbians, all under the cloak of being a Christian group.  In what is even more funny, LaBarbera says he probably has grounds to sue, but has other, more important things to do.  I imagine these would be 1) bash more gays and lesbians; 2)  find a new venue for his banquet and 3) make a new date for this banquet (which has already been done–it is now Oct. 5).

I’ve notice that Peter’s little hate-site doesn’t mention the change in the date, and I’m having trouble even finding his original post.  However, Peter has put up a nice, new picture at the top of his hate-site stating that it will be held on Oct. 5, but the link (which is supposed to give details) is a dead link.  I guess the banquet coordinator is having some problems with being both the banquet coordinator and the data person for Americans For Truth About Homosexuality.

And notice too that in that picture he just can’t get himself to state the full name of his non-profit–Americans For Truth About Homosexuality.  I suppose that would make people wonder about Peter and his life-long obsession with all things gay and lesbian. 

It will be interesting to see where LaBarbera is actually going to have this banquet.  The picture claims it will be held in Lombard, Ill. 


Just seconds ago the ‘data coordinator’ for AFTAH must have just put up the new information, since there is now a new link for this banquet.  He doesn’t state the reason why his banquet was changed.  I suppose his ‘data coordinator’ is pulling up all the details for him and will report soon.  And folks, you won’t want to miss this.  He is calling it:  Celebrating Truth and the Freedom to Be Moral(I wonder if Peter LaBarbera will actually keep this title, since

Folks, you won’t want to miss Americans For Truth’s first annual banquet, on Friday, Oct. 5 at 6:00 PM, outside Chicago, Illinois. This surely will be one of the most compelling and exciting evenings for defending truth in the area of homosexuality that you will ever experience!

Our dynamic speakers represent both sides of pro-family advocacy on this issue: the loving Gospel message of hope through Christ in overcoming unwanted same-sex desires – and the bold defense of truth in the public square, in this case parents’ right to protect their children from manipulative, pro-homosexual lessons in taxpayer-funded public schools.

 And get this–before the banquet there is going to be a ‘silent auction.’  What on earth would Peter LaBarbera have that people would want to buy?  Maybe his 20 year collection of porn magazines?  Maybe his 20 year collection of photos taken from the International Leather get-together?  Sounds creepy, if you ask me. 

And why are they having a banquet at all?:

WHY:  At this special event, pro-family leaders will celebrate God’s power to transform men and women struggling with homosexuality; and expose the relentless attack on children’s innocence, parental rights and religious freedom by a “gay/transgender” lobby that seeks to discredit and silence the voice of faith in America.

If you remember, one of their special guests is ex-lesbian Charlene Cothran.  Maybe she can speak on the topic of lobby that tries to ‘silence’ Christians, since after all, she was an editor of Venus Magazine, a very popular lesbian magazine (that is, until she had her conversion).  How much time did that magazine that she was running work to "silence the voice of faith in America"?  Let’s hope we get to hear about this. 

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One Response to Peter LaBarbera’s Banquet is having some Indigestion…

  1. Joe says:

    I have no interest in having LaBarbera silenced, or any of his friends.  I want them to speak out with their false claims.  There absurd claims about gays and lesbians don\’t match the picture people have of their neighbors and friends.   In the year 2007, most people know of, have seen on tv or happen to be related to someone gay.   Each time they speak, they hurt their own efforts.This action on behalf of the hotel, was not anti-Christian because this wasn\’t a pro-Christian event.  It is an anti-gay event.  If it was Christian they would be there discussing Christian stuff.   Giving out awards to people for being Christian.  That is a far cry from the dinner they are having which is to celebrate hate, the denial of rights and compassion-less opposition to others.I would love to go to this dinner and be the fly on the wall.   This was I could report back to the rest of the world the crazy claims these people make.    Let them have dinner, but don\’t protest the dinner, GO to the dinner.  If I had the money to fly out to Chicago, I would go.   I could visit my friends out there and then go to Peter\’s event.   It would be a blast.   Are the Christians all open arms, or closed fists?  Are they there to gloat about how they crushed the homo\’s?   Are they celebrating the "power" the have wielded over others?  Do they realize they are celebrating the suffering of others? (I bet the deny that, but I would be happy to prove it true)Do they realize that while they celebrate on person\’s alleged escape from homosexuality countless others continue to suffer while reconciling their faith and sexuality?  While Peter gleefully has awards for these people, others are contemplating killing themselves because they couldn\’t change their sexuality.I wish they took the time to see their actions as others do.

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