So much Good Stuff to Blog About Today! Larry Craig and Ted Haggard

Let’s see.  Republican Senator Larry Craig, with his poor wife by his side, screams he isn’t gay.  Maybe what the good, wholesome family-values senator meant to say is that he has same-sex attractions, which, at least according to ex-gay groups, isn’t the same as being gay.  Maybe that is what all the confusion is about!  Pam, at Pam’s House Blend put up a transcript of a man who says that he had oral sex with the straight, married Senator in yet another bathroom:

"Upon walking into Union Station one day, I made eye contact with a well-dressed older gentleman whom I recognized as Sen. Craig. We, after having made eye contact for 30 seconds or so, we began walking towards one of the restrooms in Union Station.

"I followed him in there. We went to the urinals, where we both unzipped …

"The restroom became busy, too busy to do anything. So we zipped up and then followed each other to the second restroom in Union Station, where we began the same process. And had a — I also performed fellatio for a very, very short amount of time, as that restroom became busy as well. At that point we both zipped up and left and went on our separate ways.

Nope, that doesn’t sound like he is gay at all. 

And I see that Ted Haggard is back in the news, just a couple of days after his begging for money.  He claimed he would be ministering at a half-way house and that he needed money to make sure that he can survive until he gets back on his feet.  As it turns out, the halfway house had no clue he was stating this, and it just isn’t going to happen.  So like Senator Craig, Ted Haggard is straight. And like Senator Craig, Ted Haggard is a liar and a thief.


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