Queertardo’s Excellent Post on Nazis/Anti-Gay “comic”

Queertardo has an excellent post on a cartoon that is being promoted by Exodus, the anti-gay group that claims ‘change is possible’ (but only if you pray hard enough).  It is also the group that says someone who has same-sex attractions means that the person who has same sex attractions isn’t necessarily gay.  What a bunch of bunk, if you ask me. This was the same line of reasoning that some have been using in terms of the "I’m Not Gay" Senator Larry Craig. 

Anyway, Queertardo begins his post by looking at the words of Nazi Joseph Goebbels.  I hope he doesn’t mind–I am going to copy most of what he had to say since I thought it was a fantastic analogy to this Exodus cartoon (I’ve put the cartoon below):


anti-jewish prop This was issued after regulations were introduced requiring all Jews still in Germany to wear a visible yellow star. The caption says: "He who wears this symbol is an enemy of our people."

"The Jews will have to answer for their countless crimes against the happiness and peace of mankind, and one day the whole world will give them the penalty that they are suffering today in Germany. We speak without resentment. The time is too grave to spin naive plans of revenge. This is a world problem of the first order that can be solved by the present generation, and must be solved by them. Sentimental considerations have no part here. We see Jewry as the embodiment of a general world decline. Either we will break this danger, or the peoples of the world will break under it." Excerpt from The War and the Jews by Joseph Goebbels.

Compare and contrast the above Nazi propaganda designed to teach and foster hatred of Jews, with the new breed of Christian anti-gay propaganda issued by a ministry called The Truth For Youth.

This is one page(click to enlarge) of many from the anti-gay "comic" Born That Way, The Truth About Homosexuality. The website has this to say to the generation of young internet users today:
"In response to the tragic killings of students and teachers, we have launched a national “Bibles Not Bullets” campaign to legally smuggle Bibles into the public schools of America!
Consider this: There has never been one law passed to prohibit the distribution of Bibles in America’s public schools. It is lawful for young people to give “The Truth for Youth” Bible to other students in their school, on school grounds.
America is a country that was founded on Biblical standards but today many are trying to stop us from giving Bibles to the students in America’s public schools.
We have a growing breed of Christian "INTERNET I-CANS"! "I-CAN" and I must stand up and call sin on the internet by its first name. "I-CAN" and I must reach out to lost people who are filling their hearts and minds with pornography. "I-CAN" and I must reach the homosexual with the message of God’s love and deliverance from their perverted lifestyle. "I-CAN" and I must tell young people the truth about "safe sex" according to God’s Word."
Tim Todd Founder/Director Tim Todd Ministries Designer/Publisher The Truth For Youth
The horror of history repeating its self is REAL. I’m not being an extremist or an alarmist, I’m actually being a realist by pointing this out.


I’ll add my own comments here–this ‘comic’ page is part of a 6-part page.  The rest of this crap can be found here.  It is called "Born That Way:  The Truth About Homosexuality."  So much for truth.  As you look through it, look at all the code-words that these anti-gay groups use.  And to think that some anti-gay groups think this kind of stuff should be passed out in schools!  If that can be passed out, I see no reason why someone can’t make up comics to show the history of Christianity in all of the wars that it has caused… 

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