Non Inclusion is Really Diversity, Isn’t It?

I hate news stories like this because it is just utterly ridiculous to refer to something as being about diversity when what is actually diverse can’t be shown or discussed.  In New Jersey a bunch of parents did not want their third graders to learn about true diversity, so they will show them fake diversity.  The third graders (or were these kids in junior high???) were to see a video about diverse families titled "That’s A Family," including:

divorced, bilingual, mixed race, parents who have adopted, and step-parents.

This video was shown last year.  Some good Christian parents had a fit, not at showing divorced families (divorce is hated by God and Christ forbid it for all except cheating), but at gay families.  Half of them are probably divorced and going on their third marriages, but that is o.k. since that is ‘diverse,’ but gay families are not included.

I say tough luck for these families who are opposed to it.  In New Jersey same-sex families are recognized by the state and I hope someone sues the pants off this school for not showing it.  That is the law of the state whether some "Christian" families like it or not. 

Years ago these same Christian families would have burst an artery at the thought of showing their third graders biracial families (they probably still do but wouldn’t dare speak out against that).  Next in line are the gay families.  In a couple of years they will be screaming about showing some other kind of family that they think their religious beliefs oppose.   

If these people went and practiced their own version of religion at home and at church, that would be fine.  But they have to push their own version of their beliefs on everyone else, including the very real gay families.  Just because this school bowed down to these people doesn’t make it more diverse–it makes it less diverse and everyone knows it even though most people won’t admit it.  Why won’t they admit it?  Because they don’t want diversity.  They want everyone to be a practicing Christian of their own kind, all exactly the same, all saying the same things, and all doing the same things.  Boring.  And dangerous.  And anyone who thinks this is what the future is going to be like is dreaming as well. 

Sorry, but that isn’t what life is all about.  We are all diverse.  We all look different, we all act different and we all believe different things.  To pretend that this diversity doesn’t exist is just plain ludicrous and dangerous. 

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