Ballot Problems in Oregon

I see that someone is taking a few of the anti-gay groups to court because they are claiming to be something that they are not.  When I was at Doug’s parents in May the governor signed two bills into law.  One grants couples the same rights as married couples and the other protects gays and lesbians from discrimination in "housing, employment, public accommodation, education and public services statewide."  The anti-gay groups are against that.  It boggles my mind how some people could actively want to discriminate against anyone, and it boggles my mind even more that they are fighting to get these protections taken away. 

This is really what they want:

They want Christians to have protection from discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodation, education and public services, but no one else.  They want Christians to be able to make or break the laws in a state, and force everyone else to swallow their religious beliefs.  Swallow is the wrong word–they want everyone to choke on them.  You all know what I have to say about that.  This is, again, a perfect example of religious persecution.  Why on earth should I be discriminated against because of someone else’s religious beliefs?  Why, why why?  If I am not Christian, I do not have to be held accountable to whatever laws they want to have amongst their own group.  So why should civil laws be made using religious beliefs? 

It is especially good to see that a group is forming that will publish the names of people who sign these anti-gay ballots.  Let them be known.  Why are some so upset that this might happen?  Maybe they don’t want people to see their true colors…


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