Problems with Diversity?

I had to giggle when I saw that at least one person had problems with my post on diversity.  Why is it that being part of the anti-gay crowd always means that they are against diversity?  Well, it isn’t too hard to understand.  Diversity means that people of all different kinds are, well, different.  It acknowledges that people are different and that they have a right to be different.  Those who don’t like diversity don’t like new things.  They don’t like new people.  They certainly don’t like anything different.  They want everything to be just like it was in the mythical land of the 1950’s U.S. (which of course never existed).

More specifically, people like this want everyone to be Christian.  If they had their way, they would force it on people (which is really what they are doing when they are forcing all of us to live by their religious beliefs).  They want everyone to be "saved" by Jesus even when they haven’t done anything that needs "saving."  They are at least getting part of what they want when they actively help to make laws that force their religious beliefs on the entire country.  This is a sad attempt to lessen diversity in this country.  Fortunately, as Joe Brummer says, the pendulum of the universe always swings towards justice (or something like that!  Sorry Joe if I got it a bit wrong!).  Gays and lesbians will get equal rights, maybe not this year or the next, but it will happen.  It is guaranteed to happen.  This country always does the right thing, even though it may take it a long time to do it (but usually not with a little nudge here and there). 

When you have parents who do not want their children to see videos about true diversity, and they actively work to make sure that all the other kids cannot understand what true diversity is, then we are all in trouble.  These parents can easily take their children out of public schools if they don’t want them to be taught the basics of diversity.  It is too bad for the kids, but I would rather see these parents out of the public school system so that all the other kids can really learn about life in the U.S. instead of having a few bad apples rot the rest of the bunch.  And I would certainly like to see someone sue that school in New Jersey for not allowing the video to be seen.  That state has laws that recognize gay and lesbian couples as being near (and I am NOT saying EQUAL) to marriage as is allowed, so they are part of the diversity of families whether some parents and others who are against diversity like it or not.

Besides, if those parents are complaining on religious grounds, and since it is a public school, their concerns should be voiced, but then they should be reminded that it is a PUBLIC school and not a religious one.  And if they are really complaining on religious grounds, someone should sit them down with a Bible and show them passages on divorce.  Will they then fight to have divorced couples taken out of the ‘diversity’ video?  Will they fight to make sure that these kids don’t see divorced couples?  I doubt that very sincerely.  And if so, then they need to be asked why they don’t follow the whole Bible…Maybe someone can sit them down with a history book and show them how religion played a part in keeping biracial couples from marrying until very recently (Bob Jones University is a great example of that). 

So it all comes down, as usual, to picking and choosing.  They’ll pick what they want to hear and believe and ignore what they do not want to believe.  That is the nature of religion and that is why there are thousands of denominations in this country.  People pick the type of Christianity because of their own preferences.  The leave certain kinds of religion because they disagree with it.  The Bible is still the same, but interpretations are as different as we are diverse.

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