A Missing Blog, A Temporarily Shut-Down Blog

I usually spend a bit of time each week looking over anti-gay blogs.  It is never fun, but it does give me something to write about (as Robert Bayn has pointed out in the past).  I noticed about three weeks ago that the IndependentChristianPatriot blog by Robert Bayn changed its name to ChristianPatriot.  Not a big deal.  Then last week (I think–I don’t know the exact day) the blog was erased.  I did a bit of searching for it, but didn’t find anything except for a site the contains the webradio program Christian Patriot, hosted by Robert Bayn and his gay friend Justin.  I listened to one or two, but it was never interesting enough for me to listen for a full hour.  But I figured if I listened to the last one I might get a clue as to why Robert Bayn pulled down his blog.  I didn’t hear anything to suggest why he would do that.  I do, however, remember that he was going to become more involved in his church so maybe the blog was taking too much time (and I can relate to that!). 

Anyway, I listened to the last show that I could find.  I was done on Aug. 19.  But what I do know is that some of it included a discussion of little ol’ me.  It was a bit weird to hear a bunch of people I don’t know discuss me. 

The conversation began with Stacy Harp, who called into the show.  But before I start to discuss that, I will say that Robert opens his show with a discussion about Bill O’Reilly and O’Reilly’s statements about a San Francisco writer called Mark Morford.  Robert Bayn heard what O’Reilly had to say, believed him and then he wrote a post about San Francisco based on that.  I corrected him.  To his credit Robert said in the future he will read the original source instead of believing what someone else had to say, especially when that someone totally misquoted Mark Morford.  He then calls O’Reilly a liar.

Now, getting back to Stacy Harp.  She calls in around the 47 minute hour.  At 49:13 she tells Mark (from Chesterstreet) that I am mad at him.  She tells him that I had said that:

"Your’e the type of person who wouldn’t change your beliefs because you believe in the wrath of God, or something like that and you know, that would make you a bad person, or something." 

Now that gets Mark discussing me and I have to say that I was very happy that none of them reverted to calling me names.  But like Bill O’Reilly, Stacy totally misquoted me. 

What I actually said:

Of course, knowing what I know now, that is a hopeless task because Mark is one of those people who cannot change the way he thinks because it would wreck his faith, and wrecking his faith would cause a crisis.  He truly believes that he is one of God’s chosen, and that what he believes is the Absolute Truth and no one else who differs from him can even come close to being at least a tiny bit correct.

I said nothing, absolutely nothing about the ‘wrath of God’ in my comments about Mark.  But this started a whole conversation about me.

Justin, without reading my post, states:

"I don’t understand his reasoning.  It makes no sense."

You’re right.  It doesn’t.  What also doesn’t make sense?  He is basing what my reasoning is on what Stacy had to say, which was not even close to what I said.  So much for my reasoning ability…

Mark also said of my non-belief in his type of God:  "It leads to chaos, it leads to despair, it leads to purposelessness because there is no God.  There is no seeking the truth."  I think that is what Mark really wants to believe.  Sorry–there is no chaos in my life because of that.  I am certainly am not despondent because of it!  And I do have a purpose–to teach the history of Christianity based on facts, not on beliefs.  My seeking the truth is seeking to understand how Christianity was formed.  And it was formed, no doubt about that. 

Justin also says:  "you say he is a doctor of religion or philosophy?"  Now this is the same Justin who just said that my reasoning doesn’t make sense.  Justin doesn’t know me, but he has no problem questioning my reasoning, or what Stacy told him my reasoning is.  Mark tells him that I am a doctor of Christian history, and Stacy Harp pops back to say:

"And he is very proud of it too."  She then brings up a post she did where she told Joe Brummer that she has a Master’s Degree, and "that made him really mad."  So seconds ago she accuses me of being proud about my Ph.D., but then she can bring up the fact that she has a Master’s Degree and Joe doesn’t!  Do these people listen to what they are saying?  Who is the proud one here (and it is on tape)? 

So this entire conversation these people had about me was based on misinformation that Stacy Harp had given to them.  It is highly ironic that Robert Bayn started his show by calling Bill O’Reilly a liar because he mischaracterized what Mark Morford had to say. 

Anyway, Robert’s show is gone and it is a bit bizarre that I was the last topic of their conversation.

And not related to this, I noticed today that Mark at Chesterstreet has closed up his blog until mid-November. 

I guess it will spare me a few minutes every week or so that I used to spend reading their blogs.  But it will give me more time to read Stacy’s…

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4 Responses to A Missing Blog, A Temporarily Shut-Down Blog

  1. Rob says:

    Ur so famous! 

  2. Kevin says:

     Well, maybe famous but famous with the wrong crowd!  🙂

  3. Nelson says:

    The one thing that stands out more than anything on those blogtalk radio shows is the insincerity and phoniness of it all. That\’s not a radio show; it\’s a podcast.

  4. Kevin says:

    Hey NG-I agree with you.  Their particular show was all one big backslap and private joke-fest between them.   

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