The Alan Chambers Video

I saw that a number of people posted a video which had Alan Chambers, his wife, a gay conversion therapist and an ex-gay survivor, Peterson Toscano. 

Here are some of my thoughts on Alan Chamber’s comments:

1)  He turned "straight" for reasons of vanity. "Homosexuality was for the young."  He said he knew he would soon lose his hair and didn’t have time to lay on the beach any more to keep up with all the other gayboys.  For him, old bald gay men are, in his words, ’empty.’  Wow, what a reason to turn straight.  Clearly Alan Chambers is a very vain man.  His comments tell me that he must have been a very shallow person who thought being gay meant going to the gym and having a tan.  I wonder what his poor wife thought about that…

2)  He knew he was gay in 6th grade. He said he tried to pray it away, and that he didn’t ask for it and he didn’t want it.  So where did he get ‘it’?  It appears that Chambers is telling us he was born that way…

3)  He felt "guilty and condemned" when he had gay thoughts and gay actions.  That doesn’t have anything to do with being gay–that is his perception of what being gay was.  It was shameful to him.  He felt guilty.  But that has more with his own thoughts on his behavior. 

4)  He says:  "This isn’t who I want to be."  That is fine, but who he wants to be and who is really is are two different things.  He chose not to live the ‘gay lifestyle’ (which for him meant lying on a beach and getting a tan and trying numerous hair care products to make sure he wouldn’t go bald). 

5)  His wife said "I never really worry about Alan going back to his homosexuality. He always pursued me first so I’ve always had the confidence that he loved me."  Two things here.  She says ‘his homosexuality.’  I find that a bit of an odd statement, because it makes it sound like he is still homosexual.  Second, he pursued her–she thinks this is proof that he will not go back and that he loves her.  But he pursued her because he didn’t want to live the gay lifestyle, so of course he is going to pursue a woman.  If I were her I would have to wonder about that aspect of it.

6)  His wife stated:  "His past does not dominate our lives."  Now just a minute here!  Alan Chambers is the president of Exodus, a group whose mission is twofold–to ‘change’ people from gay to straight and to make sure that gays and lesbians receive no laws in their favor.  The money Chamber’s makes is based on his past!  How can she really say that in all honesty?  Maybe they don’t talk about it at home.  Who knows…

7)  The ex-gay therapist on the show said:  "People don’t choose to be gay."  No?  Then how does one become gay?  If you don’t choose it, then you must be born with it.  He also states:  "I did choose to act on the feelings."  Now here is the big part–what Chambers and this therapist is saying is that they aren’t gay when they choose not to act out their feelings (have sex with a man).  If you look at some of the writings of these ex-gays at Exodus, you will see them saying things like "same sex attractions" but that doesn’t mean, to them, that they are gay.  Gay is as act for them. 

8)  The medical doctor on the show stated:   "Therapy is based on hard science, not on hateful and political agendas.  Number One.  …Second, they aren’t changing who anybody is.  They are just helping people suppress who they are."  

9)  Alan Chambers was asked whether his religion states that homosexuality is wrong.  He wouldn’t directly answer that, but said that his religion says a lot of things.  He then states that it isn’t "God’s creative intent for sexuality."  So it appears that his religion is part of his agenda…

10)  Alan Chambers has the nerve to finish off with this sentence:  "The truth is we live in a free and tolerant society.  People can choose to live how they want."  Now this is coming from a man who is the president of Exodus, who travels to Washington D.C. to try and change the Constitution to keep gays and lesbians from getting married; who traveled to Washington to make sure that the Hate Crime legislation does not include gays and lesbians.  Boy, Mr. Chambers, as usual you are full of double-speak for the cameras. 

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