Dear, Dear Abby

I think I have mentioned before that I love Dear Abby.  Unlike the anti-gay industry, Dear Abby is kind, compassionate and is just an all-around good person.  I missed this letter (which I can’t believe since I usually read Dear Abby very soon after reading the front section and the editorial page).  This letter made me want to cry:

Dear Abby: My husband and I raised our two sons and two daughters. One son and both daughters married well. Our other son, "Neil," is gay. He and his partner, "Ron," have been together for 15 years, but Neil’s father and I never wanted to know Ron because we disapproved of their lifestyle.
When I was 74, my husband died, leaving me in ill health and nearly penniless. No longer able to live alone, I asked my married son and two daughters if I could "visit" each of them for four months a year. (I didn’t want to burden any one family, and thought living out of a suitcase would be best for everyone.) All three turned me down. Feeling unwanted, I wanted to die.
When Neil and Ron heard what had happened, they invited me to move across country and live with them. They welcomed me into their home, and even removed a wall between two rooms so I’d have a bedroom with a private bath and sitting room — although we spend most of our time together.

They also include me in many of their plans. Since I moved in with them, I have traveled more than I have my whole life and seen places I only read about in books. They never mention the fact that they are supporting me, or that I ignored them in the past.
When old friends ask how it feels living with my gay son, I tell them I hope they’re lucky enough to have one who will take them in one day. Please continue urging your readers to accept their children as they are. My only regret is that I wasted 15 years.
— Grateful Mom

Dear Grateful Mom: You are indeed fortunate to have such a loving, generous and forgiving son. Sexual orientation is not a measure of anyone’s humanity or worth. Thank you for pointing out how important it is that people respect each other for who they are, not for what we would like them to be.
You could have learned that lesson long ago, had you and your husband contacted Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) when you first learned that Neil was gay. Among other things, the organization offers support groups and education for parents who need to learn more about gender issues. (The address is 1726 M St. N.W., Suite 400, Washington, D.C. 20036.)

This past weekend there were many more letters in response to this one and it was all from parents who love their gay and lesbian children.  I love that sentence by Dear Abby:  "Sexual orientation is not a measure of anyone’s humanity or worth."  Now if only groups like the anti-gay industry could really understand that, this world would be a better place.  But then again, how would they make the money they do if they didn’t demonize gays and lesbians?

It is too bad though that Dear Abby didn’t bring up the fact that this woman hasn’t talked to her son and son-in-law about the fact that she ignored them in the past.  I know if my mom acted like that I would want some type of explanation.  It is nice that she acknowledged that she did waste 15 years.

Speaking of that, the racist Tony Perkins is on a begging spree the likes that must make Peter LaBarbera wish he were in the big time!  Tony Perkins is asking for 2.5 million dollars by Sept. 30.  Whew!  I guess it takes a lot of money to upkeep Tony and his anti-gay, anti-family crusade and for him to keep up appearances.  Here is some of what Tony Perkins had to say in his latest alert:

For example, Senator Ted Kennedy proved again why we can never let down our guard.

Just last month, he attached a so-called "hate crimes" amendment to a national defense bill. Even though it had nothing to do with national defense, Kennedy’s "hate crimes" amendment could someday make it a crime to speak out against homosexual behavior. This is typical of how liberal representatives move legislation forward–behind closed doors, out of the spotlight.

This week Senator Kennedy said he attached the amendment to the defense bill because defense deals with terrorism and that hate crimes are "domestic terrorism." All violent crimes should be prosecuted, but his statement should be a chilling warning to those who care about religious liberty and free speech.

Although liberals claim to support traditional family values, "sneak attacks" like this underscore who they really represent.

Can you believe that Tony Perkins is still going on about Hate Crime legislation and that it will impair free speech?  You would think that with all the news out there how these anti-gay groups have been outright lying about what the hate crime legislation will do, he would just shut up.  But that would hurt his bottom-dollar line. 

He ends his begging letter with this sentence:

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Together, we can–God willing–defend and advance faith, family, and freedom in America.

I find it ironic how people like Tony Perkins can seem so god-fearing and righteous, and yet he isn’t a minister.  He SOUNDS like a minister and I guess if you didn’t know better, you would think that he was (and I’m sure he would love to dress up like a bishop and have people call him Supreme Pontiff Perkins–but that ain’t going to happen).

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3 Responses to Dear, Dear Abby

  1. Rob says:

     God isn\’t willing – he\’s too busy working on Kathy Griffin\’s next Emmy.
    Suck it Tony

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