DL Foster and His Own Credentials

As I was looking up DL Foster’s church tax-free status, I noticed that Guidestar listed the ‘Chief Executive Profile’, who is DL Foster.  One thing I noticed is that his educational credentials are listed.  If you remember, a couple of weeks ago I exposed his own shaky credentials after he made an attack on someone else’s

On his official bio he lists these schools that he went to:

He also furthered his education at the University of Maryland and Liberty University.  Pastor Foster is currently pursuing a B.Th. at Atlanta Bible College. 

I looked at this Atlanta Bible College, and since I had heard of U. of Maryland, I figured I wouldn’t bother looking this university up.  It is well known.  But when I went to the Guidestar description, it listed these schools that DL Foster went to and these were McClennan Community College, Liberty University, and the University of Maryland (European Campus).

Now look at the difference–his official bio lists University of Maryland.  But his Guidestar description lists U. of Maryland (European Campus). I thought this sounded fishy, so I did a Google search for it and since DL Foster attacked Bishop Wyatt using a Wikipedia article, I decided to read what Wikipedia had to say about this U. of Maryland, European campus:

The University of Maryland University College (UMUC), located in the unincorporated community of Adelphi in Prince George’s County, Maryland in the United States, is the second-largest university in Maryland. The University in its entirety has one focus: the educational needs of the non-traditional student. UMUC is a separate institution from the well-known University of Maryland located in College Park, MD.

I have bolded and underlined that last sentence–the school he lists on his official bio is NOT the University of Maryland, but the University of Maryland University College.  It sounds like the good reverend is actively trying to fool people about his education (and this is what he was trying to point out in his attack on Bishop Dr. Wyatt). 

University of Maryland University College does have facilities in Europe:

In Europe and Asia, UMUC delivers graduate and undergraduate classes on military sites for active-duty service members, government employees, and their families. The university is a global institution that offers on-site, instructor-led classes at over 110 overseas US military bases in 23 countries throughout the world through its European and Asian Divisions, including some USCENTCOM installations. UMUC administrative facilities are located on Yokota Air Base, Tokyo, Japan and in Heidelberg, Germany near United States Army Garrison Heidelberg.

But IT IS NOT the University of Maryland as DL Foster has on his official Church biography.  Now why is that?  Foster attacked Wyatt for phony credentials (if that is really true) but now it has come to light that DL Foster’s credentials are not quite what he states they are.  Maybe it is time for DL Foster to come clean about his educational credentials and tell the truth–especially since he demands it from other people.

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