Chris the Swiss

Tonight our friend Chris arrives from Switzerland.  He is staying for two weeks and I’ve been looking forward to seeing him for months now.  I haven’t been blogging very much because I have been trying to get all of my lectures for this week written (which I finished today) so I can spend some time with him.  I start teaching at California State University on Wednesday.

Next week Doug and Chris are heading off to Yosemite National Park.  I’m jealous I can’t go, but I guess it is only fair since Doug couldn’t go last year when I went with our friend Seamus. 

They are going the middle of next week and will be back that Friday.  On Saturday we are going to drive to Napa Valley.  I think that most of the grape harvest will be wrapping up, but it will still be a nice trip.  I love that area.

Not too much else is going on.  We just seriously started talking about buying a house.  It probably won’t be in San Francisco since the average price of a one bedroom with no parking is over $500,000.  For that price we can get a free-standing house, with a big yard, about 50 miles south of here.  We’ll have to buy a car as well, but that is the price for moving out of the city.  It won’t be happening until around Christmas time, since by November I will be teaching four classes and I won’t get a bit of a break until Christmas week when my finals are over and hopefully the grading will be over!  I think I start up teaching again around Jan. 7.


Some gay-related news.  I see that Alan Chambers was off demonizing gays and lesbians (he himself is still a struggling gay man, although he calls himself an ex-gay).  He states that he lives in poverty.  But the truth is that in 2005 he made $70,000 ($30,000 in compensation and a $40,000 expense account!).  That is living in poverty?  Poor guy.  At least he saves a bit on not having to buy bucket-loads of hair care products (I say that because he seems to have turned ‘straight’ because he was going bald).

I also see on Joe Brummer’s blog that Coach Daubenmire, the one whose son is a sex offender, is bleating on about those evil homosexuals.  Peter LaBarbera gives the Coach a foot-up by publishing his gay-hating essay on Americans For Truth About Homosexuality.  It is worth reading, even though the violent Christian language is pretty revolting.  He is another one of these ‘christians’ who uses a good religion for bad purposes.  He uses Christianity as a shield for his own hate.  Poor coach.  I guess if you are going to hate, you might as well hide behind something.

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One Response to Chris the Swiss

  1. Rob says:

    I keep hearing from these ex-gays about how rich and privileged I am as a gay man.  I wouldn\’t mind being as "poor" as Alan. 

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