Hate Crimes, Lies, and Stacy Harp

Poor Stacy Harp is having a fit today since the Hate Crime Legislation passed the Senate today.  She is now calling on people to call Bush and have him veto it.  It is extremely unlikely that Bush would veto this, since it means he would veto the Defense budget.

So Stacy Harp STILL calls this legislation Thought Crimes.  Oh boy.  You would think someone with a Master’s degree would be able to read and understand the legislation.  But apparently having a degree doesn’t help in some aspects.  She ends her post with this:



One wonders why some people just can’t get it through their skulls that there is a fundamental difference between speech and violence?  What exactly are they afraid of this legislation?  It can’t have anything to do with their right to free speech.  It just can’t.  So what other reason could there be?  Well, my first guess is that they want to make sure that there are no gays and lesbians.  Period.  They want to make sure that gays and lesbians are not protected from the violence that occurs just because someone is gay or lesbian.  They want to make sure that their religious beliefs, which not everyone believes, are the law of the land.  This is nothing other than religious persecution.

I wonder if Stacy Harp and others like her who believe this legislation will silence Christian voices could explain why the current legislation, which includes her choice of what religion she wants to believe, doesn’t silence those nasty atheists?  Or why doesn’t the current legislation which includes race doesn’t silence the white racists from speaking out against anyone who isn’t white?  Since this is the case, how exactly will the inclusion of sexual orientation silence Christians from saying their nasty comments on gays and lesbians?  Jim Burroway put out the challenge months ago and no one took him up on it (I wonder why that is?).  So come on Stacy, do your best.  I am looking forward to hearing all about why you continually refuse to read the legislation or worse, continually refuse to understand it. 


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One Response to Hate Crimes, Lies, and Stacy Harp

  1. Nelson says:

    President ChuckleNuts is going to veto.  He\’ll say something to the effect that the Defense Appropriations bill contained pork and other garbage and couldn\’t in good conscience sign the bill.  He\’ll blame the Democrats and all the conservative pundits on radio and TV will tear them a new one.As for Stacy Harp, she lives on the notion that her readers are morons and can\’t think for themselves.

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