Folsum Street Fair and Poster

I see that Folsum Street Fair is getting a lot of press from the anti-gay crowd, mostly because the poster for Folsum Street was a parody of DaVinci’s Last Supper (if case these bozos didn’t realize it, their precious Last Supper was painted by the very gay Leonardo DaVinci…).  You can read all about it at Peter LaBarbera’s hate site–Americans For Truth About Homosexuality.  It even appears that Peter LaBarbera flew all the way to San Francisco to be a part of the Folsum Street Fair!  Damn, if I had know that I would have plastered his picture all over and asked people to look out for him…

Anyway, as Peter enjoyed the fruits of the fair firsthand (and I bet it really killed him and another anti-gay activist, Allyson Smith, to have paid $5 to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to get in!), the anti-gay crowd foams at the mouth.

My thoughts on the matter–why on earth should gays and lesbians give a rip about what these anti-gay so-called Christians have to say about Folsum Street or any other gay affair?  These people make their living out of demonizing gays and lesbians.  They call them names, they tell them they are going to hell–all in the name of Christianity.  So why should gays and lesbians care one bit about what these anti-gay "Christians" have to say?  I think it is ridiculous that these groups are demanding that gays and lesbians respect Christianity (or at least the anti-gay version of it).  It is like asking the Jews to respect the Nazis, if you ask my humble opinion.

And doesn’t the Catholic League have other things to deal with in terms of all the sex scandals that are hitting their own church?  You think they would have better things to do, like protect children from pedophile priests instead of complaining about Miller sponsoring Folsum Street. I think it is also just a tad bit hilarious that the Catholic League is calling on all of its other religious ‘friends’ to boycott Miller.  Should these good Christians be drinking in the first place?  Luckily Miller just asked that its logo be taken off the poster–they are continuing to sponsor Folsum Street.

And I am still really mad that Peter LaBarbera was walking around Folsum Street and I didn’t know it.  Of course, I thought he might be there, but I didn’t spend any time looking.  He and Allyson Smith (whom I have dealt with before) must have made quite the pair with their cameras and their video recorders, recording all those ‘perversions.’  I have to wonder what LaBarbera’s wife thinks when her hubby flies all the way to San Francisco to visit Folsum Street and then he comes home with video!  I guess he probably just makes copies for all of his anti-gay friends to watch in the pleasure of their own homes…

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