More On Folsum Street

Peter LaBarbera, the great masked anti-gay crusader, flew all the way out to San Francisco to attend The Folsum Street Fair.  Now to many this isn’t surprising.  Peter LaBarbera has made many trips to the International Leather Association meeting in Chicago and has even been to Folsum Street Fair in the past.  This year he came with a woman named Allyson Smith.  I haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting Smith, but I did have the pleasure to write to the San Diego Times against her ranting and raving.  The two make a great anti-gay couple. 

What is really sick about all of this is that Peter LaBarbera, who has spent his whole adult life fighting against any type of equality for gays and lesbians, has no hesitation in spending hundreds of dollars (no doubt charged to his non-profit) to fly out to San Francisco, armed with a video camera and a camera.  He complains endlessly about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who by the way make hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, while he helps no one with the few dollars he brings in.

He has put up a number of pictures on his hate site.  But I have a few things to say about these pictures, especially since I went to the Folsum Street Fair and had a nice time (not the ‘nice time’ that LaBarbera would think…).  The name of his post is:

‘Tolerance Gone Wild’ in San Francisco as Cops Stand By Amidst Folsom Street Fair’s Public Perversions and Widespread Nudity

My comments:

1)  Nudity is totally legal in San Francisco, so obviously the police can’t and won’t do anything about it.  Peter LaBarbera was so fascinated by all the so-called sex and nudity he saw that he didn’t bother checking up on the actual law.

2)  If you look at his pictures, most of the people he shoots have obviously been asked to pose for him and Allyson Smith.  This anti-gay guy asked the few people who were walking around nude or full leather gear to pose, and then he has the audacity to complain about it.  I hope that someone saw Peter LaBarbera at the Street Fair and can tell us about his own behavior.  It would be interesting to hear how LaBarbera asked these people to pose–did he laugh and giggle and pretend to be nice when he asked?  I hope someone can remember his face and tell what he was like at the fair. 

3)  Look at the shot he took of the flogging.  How many people do you see standing there watching?  I see four total.  That is it.  So doesn’t that tell you something about how popular this section of Folsum Street Fair really is?  Peter is making a mountain out of a mole hill.  But that is what he does for a living, so it isn’t surprising.  And don’t you think it is a bit ridiculous that as Peter LaBarbera and Allyson Smith stand there and take video and photo shoots, they write:

Man gets flogged at the “Mr-S-Leather” booth in the center of Folsom Street Fair as crowd watches and a man snaps a photo. Note the recipient’s red back.

Clearly the second man snapping a photo was none other than LaBarbera himself.  He really needs to get a life.  But I guess after spending twenty some years exploring the gay side of life, he probably can’t think of too much more to do with himself…

4)  Peter also states that men were having oral sex on the street for at least 1/2 an hour. So clearly Peter LaBarbera, camera and video camera in hand, stood there watching men have oral sex!  Dear God–how much more do we have to take from this closet case?  He complains about it, but he just can’t tear himself away from all of it.

5)  If Peter is really married to a woman, she must be extremely nervous about the activities that her husband so clearly enjoys.  I have to say I feel sorry for her.  Imagine being married to a man who can’t stop thinking about gay sex. 

6)  It must really gall him that no one takes him seriously.  Apparently his anti-gay friends are encouraging him to send his photos off to the conservative talkshow hosts, and obviously he is going to do it.  He is desperate for attention, but let’s hope that these talk show hosts will at least question why he has to personally attend these events…

7)  Finally, since I was there too, I have to say that to see totally nude people was extremely, extremely rare.  I think I saw maybe 3 people.  And I never, ever saw anyone having sex.  So clearly Peter LaBarbera was looking for what he eventually found, but doesn’t bother to mention the rest of the 99.99% of the people there were just walking around enjoying the weather and friends. 

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2 Responses to More On Folsum Street

  1. Nelson says:

    The question now is what does Petey plan to do with all that video he shot at Folsom.  He can\’t hold a press conference for local OTA media; they\’re not going to show any of that.The cable/satellite news channels may air some of it, but then again, more likely they won\’t.Though there is no report on his dinner/fundraiser this weekend, it remains unlikely that he would have  played any of that footage for his guests, especially Charlene Cothran, who as part of her conversion to cafeteria Christianity, became overly sensitive to language.  If she can\’t handle the S word, how then, can she manage watching two guys clad in leather having sex?

  2. Rob says:

    I guess it\’s good that his camera only needed one hand while he was "observing" the 1/2 hour of sex.

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