Can a Divorcee be a Christian?

DL Foster, an ex-gay who is obsessed with getting rid of all gays and lesbians, is writing today about someone who has asked:  Can a homosexual be a Christian?  He states:

It may just be one of the most important questions of our time. Considering the massive influence homosexual culture —both secular and religious— have had upon the contemporary church, we need to be sure what we believe and we’d better have those beliefs firmly rooted in scripture.

One of the most important questions of our time?  Jeez, you would think with the endless Iraq/Afghanistan war going on, with millions of children about to lose their health insurance, with the deficit going through the roof and with millions of people starving around the world, you would think that there would be more important questions to ask and think about than whether a homosexual can be a Christian. 

Notice too that DL Foster makes no comment on whether or not divorcees can be Christian, since God hates divorce and Christ all but outlaws it except in the case of cheating.  Can a homosexual be a Christian?  Well, if a divorcee can be, then so can a homosexual.  Pretty easy answer, huh?  Is it an important question?  I suppose if your goal is to convince people that you are no longer gay, then I guess it is important. However, to the rest of us, there are many more problems out there that these so-called reverends should be concerned with…

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