Reply to Stacy Harp

Ms Harp wrote a wonderful, very lady-like, Christian-like response to my calling her to show us her checkbook so we can all be wowed by her amazing acts of philanthropy (which she still hasn’t done, but is convinced that she has given more money to charity than Joe Brummer has, even though Joe is not a Christian so probably wouldn’t be giving money to Christian charities anyway…But that is beside the point–at least for Stacy Harp).

There are many things I could say to such a heart-felt response.  I would love to discuss her name calling (man-lover), her attempts at 5th grade humor (Kevin “MEOW – I hate sex with women” Kaatz).  I would love to discuss the fact that the German word for cat is only spelled with one ‘a’ and is unrelated to my last name (oh yes Stacy, I know German and French too), her obsession with what parts go where ("The proud doctor is homosexual and doesn’t quite get where his parts were created to go") or discuss why one of my parts is apparently created (according to her own belief) for not only reproduction but also for getting rid of waste, and her attempts at understanding the ways of Satan ("he’s blinded by Satan. What can I say, Satan has done a great job on Kevin convincing him he doesn’t exist").  I would also love to discuss her amazingly crude language on these specific body parts.

But no.  Even though I would love to do that, I won’t.  But I will once again ask Stacy to put her checkbook where her mouth is and show us all how much money she has donated to charity.  We would all love to admire your good acts of charity and it would also puff up your sense of pride in your own acts even more…


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