John Made My Day :)

Instead of showing us her checkbook, Stacy Harp has really gone of the Christian deep end.  She writes:

And until Joe shares with me how much money he has given to help the poor (And contrary to the doctors assumption it doesn’t have to be a Christian charity) I will not share how much I’ve given to help the poor and those in need.

Of course, I knew that would be the case.  Usually someone who is so darned proud of their philanthropy that they have to challenge other people to show how much they have given is usually lying or incredibly arrogant (or both)…

But I do love the response that someone named John left. Apparently Stacy hasn’t had time to wipe this comment out just yet.  So I thought I would preserve it (the first quote is written by Mrs. Harp):

“and yet, his response is simply a mockery and another attack on me as a Christian.”

He’s not attacking you for being a chrstian…he’s attacking you for acting like a Pharisee.

Now I’m not sure that Stacy would understand what ‘acting like a Pharisee’ means, but I’ll let her figure that one out herself.

I will respond to just one thing Mrs. Harp had to say:

Everything I stated about the doctor is true – and yet, his response is simply a mockery and another attack on me as a Christian. Too bad there aren’t any hate crimes laws that protect Christians…

This is a great example of one of these ranting so-called Christians who still hasn’t taken the time to actually read the Hate Crime legislation.  Mrs. Harp–do yourself a favor and get off your golden throne and read the legislation.  You will see that it is all about physical violence.  It has nothing to do with free speech.  Oh, and there are hate crime laws that protect Christians–if you would actually read the old Hate Crime Law you would read that religion is protected.  You do say you are a Christian don’t you?  I think that counts as a religion, thus you are protected…

I do have to wonder why the good Mrs. Harp doesn’t link my comments to my blog?  I really think she is afraid that her readers would actually come to my blog and see what Stacy Harp and her friends like Peter LaBarbera are all about. 

In case they do find their way here, welcome!  I believe in free speech, even Mrs. Harp’s, and I believe in letting adults live their lives as they see fit (as long as they aren’t breaking any laws that are real laws).  I also believe that one’s religious views shouldn’t be forced on other people.  Stacy and her anti-gay friends think that just because they believe that gays and lesbians are immoral then they should be stopped at all costs and their rights should be taken away from them.  But where does it end?  What if I believed that those who commit adultery should be stoned (it is, after all, in the Bible)?  Should I actively try and get the government to stone adulterers, or take away their children, or keep them from getting jobs and housing?  No. If we continue down that road, we will have a theocracy and no one will be safe–even you.

Anyway, please leave comments–good or bad.  But if they are bad, don’t expect me to keep quiet about them!  🙂

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2 Responses to John Made My Day :)

  1. Rob says:

    My only comment would be to ask why you waste your energy on that cow to begin with?

  2. Kevin says:

    I think it is important to deal with people like Stacy Harp because they are a real danger to gays and lesbians.  If her views and others like her are exposed, it might help in the long run.  Stacy has quite the history of rewriting her own history, and I think it will be good to keep track of her and what she is doing.  People like her have been in control of the legislative process for too long.  If we show how crazy their views are, then we might have a chance.  On another point, I find her interesting (as in a case-study type of interesting).

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