A Ruined Dinner and an Earthquake

Earlier I threw some steaks under the broiler and since I had used my cookie sheet to roast some veggies, I used a glass pyrex dish to cook the steaks on.  Very, very bad mistake.  After being in the broiler for about 2 minutes, Doug and I heard a loud pop and the whole pyrex dish had broken apart in hundreds of little pieces.  It was nearly a brand new dish.  I thought those things were supposed to be nearly unbreakable in heat!  Doug seemed to think we could actually eat the steak!  Jeez…  Anyway, we went out for some Mexican food. 

After getting back from dinner I  went to the kitchen to grab some water and it sounded like someone was rattling the kitchen window very hard and then I noticed the floor moving slightly.  The south bay had a 5.6 earthquake.  I don’t know what the magnitude was here, but it seemed to last for about 5 seconds.  I walked into the dining room and the light on the ceiling fan was still swaying. 

I guess you just never know about those earthquakes.  We are certainly getting many more than we ever did the whole time we lived in Berkeley in 1996-1998.  We only had one very tiny one but now we have had at least 6 that I can remember.  None have caused damage, but this one was the longest lasting one. 

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