Something Interesting about Our Good Friend Peter LaBarbera…


In my excitement about writing this post, I forgot to mention that NG originally posted this and I found the info at his website.  Sorry about that NG!


Apparently the rumors that Peter likes to go undercover into leather fests are totally true.  This is from the Gay and Lesbian Review:


His name has come up before in these pages; he’s a guy who gives the lunatic fringe a bad name. He’s Peter LaBarbera, former head of the Illinois Family Institute (IFI), a conservative Christian activist who’s so obsessed with all things gay that–well, you be the judge.
It was about a year ago (Sept.-Oct. 2005 issue) that Laura Kiritsy reported on a meeting between LaBarbera and Wade Richards, a former ex-gay convert (got that?) who was visiting the IFI office for the first time.
LaBarbera offered to give Richards a tour and brought him to a room that was "filled with gay porn." There were also two "leather daddy" outfits on the wall, which he was told were customized with hidden cameras so that LaBarbera could go undercover to gay S & M events and snap photos unnoticed.
A new report focuses on his visit to the annual International Mr. Leather fest, where he was spotted in full leather drag. It also reports on his excursion during the recent Gay Games in Chicago to the "Boystown" district, where he lingered outside the Steam-works bathhouse, ostensibly in protest of the goings-on inside.
Perhaps that was the last straw, because LaBarbera left his position at IFI soon thereafter, presumably under duress. No word on whether he was allowed to take the leather outfits and porn with him when cleaning his out his desk.

It is too bad that someone can’t get a hold of his mailing list so that this could be sent to them.  One wonders what they would think about his customized leather outfits and all the gay porn he had stored up.  My guess is that when he left the IFI, he took his special collection with him.

I’ll be interested in getting my hands on that Sept-Oct. 2005 issue.  I’ll have to see if a local library has a copy.

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