What? No Warnings About Halloween?

I find it extremely ironic that all these anti-gay, ‘family’ oriented, ‘Christian’ groups who call gays and lesbians evil and are the spawn of satan have nothing to say about the celebration of Halloween.  It is a nation-wide holiday but Peter LaBarbera has nothing to say about it.  No dire warnings that the U.S. will fall into hell if it doesn’t stop celebrating Halloween.  He does write today about the scary things found in homosexual sex.  But knowing Peter LaBarbera and his absolute obsession with gay male sex, I am not surprised.  I still can’t believe he could tear himself away from all his ‘research’ to write anything.  I wonder if Peter has heard about the anti-gay crusader, Richard Curtis, who is married, and has just resigned because he was caught paying a male prostitute for sex…

Stacy does call it Satan’s High Holiday.  But she doesn’t spend any time writing about making it illegal, or taking the children away from parents who allow their children to have a bit of Satanic fun on ‘Satan’s High Holiday.’  Well, I guess there are always better things to do and gays and lesbians to pick on.  They are, after all, satan’s minions…

The American Family Association (or the Don Wildmon’s Family Association as I like to call it) had no Action Alert about the dangers of Halloween.  I guess he probably knows his organization is about as scary as it can get.  But to be fair, he is already busy selling his "Project Christmas" buttons.  He wants people to buy as many as possible.  Listen what he has to say:

"I know that some might think simply wearing a button or displaying a car magnet is a small thing, but God can use small things to make a big point, and to create opportunities to share the Good News. And what a great time to do that at Christmas!"

I think if God could have used buttons and magnets to get his point across, he would have done it sooner.  And of course, all the profits go to Don and his family (which is what God would want).

I haven’t received an email alert from the Family Research Council for a while now.  So I don’t know if he is warning against the dangers of Halloween.  My guess is no.  He is probably out right now in his gay male prostitute costume.

Happy Halloween and Happy Holidays!

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