It is Too Bad That DL Foster Can’t Take the Advice He Was Given…

Today DL Foster, the ex-gay, now totally straight, married with children reverend, has posted a letter written by someone named Laurie Higgins.  He has made it his straight-life’s mission to demonize gays and lesbians.  He runs a non-profit that profits off this demonizing.  That is what he does constantly and relentlessly.  Let me start off by giving a bit of this letter by this Laurie Higgins (I’ve done the underlining and bolding):

Many Christians are confused, discouraged, and even more troubling, seduced by the relentless assaults on biblical truth waged by the culture of homosexuality that tirelessly pursues its goal of total cultural acceptance by infiltrating our churches, schools, families, and the media.  This confusion, discouragement, and seduction are exacerbated by the relative silence of the church.

…The stubborn rebellious assaults on Scripture

…As satanic ideas about sexuality perpetuate, we must arm ourselves for battle where the Enemy is attacking.

…On the subject of homosexuality, our young people face diabolical attempts at indoctrination in high school, in college, and in the mass media

…We must be willing and determined to address these grave moral and spiritual deceptions without hint of concession to the world

…In the face of this sweeping spiritual and cultural assault, where, if not the church, do our pastors think their followers will be taught truth?

…We must stand tall in the face of the enemies of the Eternal Living God

The powers of darkness lose something that matters when we obey Christ and renounce the spirits of fear, apathy, and conformity

…At different times in history, the enemy chooses different scriptural truths to attack with ferocity, and the church must respond accordingly

Now a couple of things here.  Look at the language of this letter and the message that DL Foster is trying to convey.  It really isn’t any different that his previous messages:  Gays and lesbians are evil, they are infiltrating everywhere, indoctrinating everyone, they are seducing the young, they are satanic and attacking, they are enemies of the Living God, they are the powers of darkness and the mighty warriors, like this Laurie Higgins and DL Foster and all the rest who spread this message, are on God’s side.

There is something deeply, deeply disturbing about this message.  This is really a call to violence against gays and lesbians, pure and simple.  There is no doubt that some simple-minded person (or not so-simple minded person) will read this and want to become a mighty warrior for God and do the bidding of Laurie Higgins and DL Foster and Mark at Chesterstreet (who is also spreading this message).  What other message can someone take away from this kind of language?  Granted, I have cut and pasted the worst parts of it, but the message is clear:  gays and lesbians are evil and need to be stopped by God’s warriors.  These people spreading this message should be ashamed and they should really think about what they are trying to do with it.

Laurie Higgins also writes:

"…Certainly, a pastor or youth group leader ought not to preach or teach on homosexuality continually…"

So do you think that DL Foster, who has spent his whole adult straight life doing nothing but preaching and ‘teaching’ about homosexuality, will heed her advice?  Will Peter LaBarbera (who is certainly not a minister, but has spent his entire adult life brooding over all things gay and lesbian) heed her advice?   Will Mark at Chesterstreet heed her advice?  My guess is, sadly, no. 

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3 Responses to It is Too Bad That DL Foster Can’t Take the Advice He Was Given…

  1. Nelson says:

    …the ex-gay, now totally straight…
    Hee, hee, you told a funny…

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey NG!  Yep, I was telling a story…  🙂

  3. Dj says:

    You have not only "cut and pasted" the message to demonostrate your own bias, you are giving too much credit to Pastor Foster use of "warrior" language. That credit ought to be ascribed to Paul, who often used the imagery of the Roman solider to illustrate the type of "Christian" soldiers God desires for His army. You apparently have not read the Old Testament where God himself is desribed as the Lord of Hosts which commands ten thousands of ten thousand angels. The idea of battle between the forces of good and evil goes back to the Garden of Eden. Pastor Foster did not say that Gays and Lesbians are evil. He said the institutional idea of homosexuality is an evil influence trying to infiltrate the church. This is not an original thought. He also got this truth from the Bible. So is your issue with him or with God?

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