Victory is Almost Near

Stacy Harp is touting a new poll that claims that 56% of Americans reject gay marriage.  How happy she is with that!  It must have made her day.  But what this poll really states is that about 40% of Americans think that gays and lesbians should be allow to marry (3% are undecided).  See, it sounds better to say the cup is half full rather than half empty (or 40% full rather than 60% empty).  But I’m an optimist…While in the end it really won’t matter if a majority of Americans support gay marriage, it is still good news.  It won’t matter because our president, who was not elected by a majority of the people the first time, does not believe that majorities really count.  He has a whole army of anti-gay liars out there willing to do anything and everything to keep their religious views forced on all Americans (Just read Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters to read up about all the lies that have been told by these ‘good Christians).  Anyway, this is really good news.  And speaking of majorities, this is something that Stacy Harp conveniently left out of her ‘good news’:

It is also interesting that in another poll, taken by the same group above (which Stacy Harp does not mention, but found at the same website she mentions), found that 30% of Americans want gays and lesbians to legally marry, 26% want them to be able to have civil unions but not marry, and only 38% of them want gays and lesbians to have no civil unions and no marriage.  6% were undecided.  This means that 56% of Americans want gays and lesbians to have some type of legal recognition.  This poll was taken by another group, but it is interesting that the above poll claims that 56% of Americans reject gay marriage, but this poll shows that on 38% reject gay marriage, and 56% actually want gays and lesbians to have some type of legal recognition.  So much for statistics…

Stacy also conveniently leaves out the statistics from New Jersey that show that 48% of Americans in New Jersey want gays and lesbians to have marriage, while 46% do not.  It also showed that only 20% do not want that state to grant any legal recognition to gays and lesbians. 

Harp also leaves out these statistics that show that 68% of Americans believe that the armed forces should not take into account the sexual orientation.  And this is up by 5% since March. Only 23% of respondents were against gays serving openly in the military and 9% were undecided.  And what is even more interesting, the poll asks:

If you knew that a presidential candidate was a strong supporter of gay rights, including same-sex marriages and gays and lesbians serving openly in the military, would that make you more likely or less likely to vote for that candidate?

Just look at these results:

More likely:  12%

Less likely:  34%

Not much difference:  51%

Don’t know:  3%

51% say they don’t care, and 12% said they would be more likely to vote.  That is a full 63% who either don’t care or it makes a difference.  Sounds like a winning trend, if you ask me.

Statistics are a tricky thing and as you can see from above, unless they took a poll of every American, it is hard to tell exactly what is going on.  But to selectively give information (gleefully I might add) that Americans reject gays and lesbians marrying is a bit on the deceptive side…

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