Peter LaBarbera, the Ultimate Con Artist

Oh boy.  I just read at Good As You that Peter LaBarbera has started up yet another money-making scheme.  The website is called Republicans For Family Values.  I see that Peter read Good As You because, in his haste, he forgot the name of his new group and kept making mistakes with the initials.  I see that he fixed that today…

Anyway, here is the very first paragraph of Peter LaBarbera’s new business venture (and yes Peter, since you are collecting checks, you better have a business licence for your new little venture…):

We are dedicated to supporting pro-natural-family and pro-life values in the GOP, fulfilling the party’s conservative platform. We will stand for the sanctity of life and marriage, and oppose all efforts within the GOP to support counterfeit rights such as the supposed “right to choose” to abort innocent unborn babies, and counterfeit “civil rights” based on changeable homosexual behavior.

Here we go again.  Not happy with the fact that his hatesite, listed as a non-profit, can’t or isn’t supposed to be endorsing or vilifying candidates, he has started up yet another website that is just one big call for money.  And yet again he gives a bad name to Republicans (not that they need too much more help) and gives the word ‘family’ a bad name as well.  And as you can see, poor Peter is still obsessed with gay and lesbian ‘behavior.’  He mentions ‘homosexuality’ in nearly every paragraph!  He almost sounds like he has made a change himself, considering how much he thinks it is possible to change from gay to straight…

What I find totally interesting is this next bit from this new-found hatesite:

The RFFV website is published and edited by Peter LaBarbera, longtime pro-family advocate and president of Americans For Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH), based outside Chicago. However, unlike AFTAH, a tax-exempt non-profit group, Republicans For Family Values blog has total freedom to report and comment on the presidential campaign and other races. We shall use this freedom to provide you with critical information on the comments and positions of Republican candidates, but also Democrats, Independents and Libertarians.

I had sent numerous letters and examples to the IRS about Peter LaBarbera and pointed out that he uses that hatesite to talk about political candidates.  I can’t take credit for that, but I am hoping that the IRS is now watching his group.  And I hope they watch this new site, since he is taking money and will of course have to pay taxes on whatever he takes in:

Stay tuned for more reports from the RFFV blog, including our posts on the presidential election. You can write Republicans For Family Values at (here he gives his email address), or help us get established with your non-tax-deductible gift sent via regular mail to:

Republicans For Family Values, PO Box 2721, Naperville, IL 60567-2721

I want to know why anyone would send that guy any money at all!  He has already made changes to his original post (you can see the original post here.  Besides, who trusts anyone who writes about themselves in the third person (much like James Hartline)…

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