Here is a Poll Stacy Harp Won’t Blog About…

(well, she might now that I have mentioned her not blogging about it)

Today a poll was released that shows that 55% of all Americans believe that gays and lesbians should be allowed to form civil unions and have the same rights as married couples.  This is up from 45% last year and 51% the year before that.  This is great news.  And the best news of all is where the support is coming from–from people under the age of 30.  Why is this good?  Because these very same people will soon be taking over in various parts of the government as they get older.  Things are changing, and they are changing for the good.

What is surprising too is that 37% of Republicans agree (!), while 58% oppose.  This is no big surprise.  The Midwest and the South of this country is also less inclined to allow gays and lesbians civil unions as well.  This isn’t a big surprise either.  I just gave a lecture today on the history of women’s rights, and mostly focused on reproductive freedom and voting rights.  Women weren’t allowed to vote until 1920. However, not all states ratified the 19th amendment right away.  In fact, here is a breakdown of the states that did not ratify this part of our constitution and the dates when they finally did ratify it:

•Maryland, March 29, 1941–ratification certified on February 25, 1958

•Virginia, February 21, 1952

•Alabama, September 8, 1953

•Florida, May 13, 1969

•South Carolina, July 1, 1969–ratification certified on August 22, 1973

•Georgia, February 20, 1970

•Louisiana, June 11, 1970

•North Carolina, May 6, 1971

•Mississippi, March 22, 1984


Notice that these are all southern states–and look carefully at when Mississippi finally got around to ratifying the amendment that gave women the right to vote–1984.  Yes, that is correct:  1984.  So I am not surprised that the south has such a problem with even thinking about giving people equal rights…

But we will get our rights and it might even come sooner that expected.

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