Keep It Up, Coach

I see that good ol’ boy "Coach" Daubenmire is at it again, and being spread courtesy of none other than Peter LaBarbera (I’m waiting for the two of them to set a date for their spying on whatever gay is happening in Chicago…). 

Poor "coach" is "homo-nauseous."  The poor guy is blubbering on and on about homosexuals, almost as much as Peter.  The two of them really need to sit down and work this out between them.  The Coach is taking prime anti-gay time away from Americans For Truth About Homosexuality…

Seriously, the Coach has some major problems.  Poor guy.  Here is a bit of what he keeps going on and on about:

In all of my life I have never seen such deviancy so openly celebrated.  They are deviant, you know?  No matter how many names they will try and call me, no matter how many “sensitivity” classes they try and send me to, no matter how much tolerance they try and cram down my throat (sorry), the fact remains homosexuals are deviant.

Deviant – One that differs from a norm, especially a person whose behavior and attitudes differ from accepted social standards.

Homosexual behavior is a deviant lifestyle. Everyone knows that. So in order to make themselves look “normal,” the “homosexual movement” is doing everything that it can to change “social standards.”  They can’t feel good about themselves, so they must make sure WE feel good about them. 

Well, I’m sick of it. I’m homo-nauseous. The homo-sexual movement is making me sick.

I understand what I am opening up myself to. It happens every time I take on this subject. My emails will be flooded by those who are concerned that I must “secretly” be battling homo-feelings, that I need to “get-over” my homo-phobia, and that Jesus would not be so judgmental. And that is just from the Christians. You couldn’t stomach what the sodomites say about me. Hey, I’m used to it. It comes with the turf. 

But I thought “homosexuals” were just like everyone else and that all they wanted was to be free to “live their lives” in peace. If that is the case, why won’t they stop identifying themselves by what the do in the privacy of their bedroom? Why are they so intent on making me accept their deviancy? Why are they trying to indoctrinate 6-year olds into their perversion?

Let’s at least look at the first sentence:  "In all of my life I have never seen such deviancy so openly celebrated."  Knowing this coach’s history, I thought at first he was talking about his own son.  In case you missed it the first time, the Coach’s son is spending five years on probation for having child pornography:

Authorities found 37 still images and 26 movies depicting young girls engaging in sex with men on the family’s home computer.

I find it totally hard to believe that a judge gave this pedophile just probation…The Coach must have done some type of backroom deal of some sorts to keep his precious son out of prison where he obviously belongs.   This pornography was found in the home of this Coach, who is ‘homo-nauseous.’  So whose deviancy is he so concerned with?  Those nasty homosexuals, of course–certainly not his own son, whom he has called a model citizen.  I notice again that he didn’t mention the true deviancy in his own house and his own family.  He certainly has never mentioned those poor girls who were molested.  Why is that?  Why doesn’t Peter LaBarbera mention this deviancy or those poor girls that the Coach’s son was watching in the Coach’s home?  Well for one, Peter never discusses heterosexual deviancy.  As Pam at Pam’s House Blend likes to say, all I can hear from these two about the Coach’s deviant son is the sound of crickets chirping.

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One Response to Keep It Up, Coach

  1. Rob says:

    These types of "morality police" are, almost without fail, trying to keep attention away from their own perversions.

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