Peter LaBarbera and his useless questions

I see that Peter LaBarbera is up in arms over the fact that a possible homosexual (Anderson Cooper) has a ‘conflict of interest’ because he might be homosexual.  LaBarbera asks:

Does Anderson Cooper, who moderated CNN’s woefully biased Republican presidential debate Wednesday — with its planted questions from pro-Democrat partisans, including two homosexual activists – have a conflict of interest when it comes to covering homosexual issues?

LaBarbera is upset that Cooper moderated the YouTube debate for the Republicans and ‘gasp’ two people asked the Republicans about their views regarding gays and lesbians.  This reminded me of a dinner conversation I had a couple of years ago with some colleagues at the Society of Biblical Literature.  The dinner conversation included a comment about a gay scholar who was trying to prove that some aspect of an ancient text had something to do with gays and lesbians.  One of my friends instantly spoke up and said that they fact that the scholar was homosexual made his work suspect.  I immediately then said that we can easily turn that argument around and say that any heterosexual scholar who is working on the history of marriage or the mother/father family is suspect because of his/her heterosexuality.  If we all started to think like this, we would get nowhere.

And that makes me wonder why LaBarbera has never questioned his own ‘conflict of interest’ whenever he sets out to make a buck or two off the backs of gays and lesbians everywhere.  Isn’t he biased?  He probably has never thought of himself like that because, after all, he is a true Christian…

I think it is fair to ask these people who are running for the highest office in the country their views on gays and lesbians.  After all, we are Americans too and their religious beliefs will negatively affect our lives, then we should know about it. 

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