The Anti-Gay Vote in Wisconsin is reporting that someone in Wisconsin is suing to strike down the anti-gay laws that were passed by 59% of the voters last year.  He is upset that the ballot issue actually contained two issues–that of marriage and that of civil unions.  The state of Wisconsin wanted it stopped because this person was not ‘harmed’ by the new law and therefore had no legal right to sue.  However, the judge disagreed and it will move forward. 

Two things here to notice:

1)  The man (William McConkey) who is suing is "Christian, straight, married, father of nine and grandfather of seven."  That has got to hurt a lot of the anti-gay crowd who probably didn’t expect that one of their own could see the problems with this new law.

2)  I find it interesting that the State of Wisconsin said that the case should not go through because

"McConkey suffered no harm and therefore did not have legal standing to sue.

But Niess accepted McConkey’s argument that his rights as a voter could have been harmed by the way the question was put to voters.

Without ruling on the specific merits of the case itself Niess said there were sufficient grounds for the case to proceed to trial."

"Suffered no harm"?  I think every gay and lesbian in the state of Wisconsin should sue because they have all been harmed by these religious zealots.  Their religious beliefs have become law and they are forcing everyone in that state to live under a religious-based ruling. 

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