Watch and Expose


On Dec. 1 DL Foster, the ex-gay author of Gay Christian Ministry Watch, wrote in an article he titled "Watch, Pray and Expose":

Brothers and sisters, do not be deceived. There are many false christs, false prophets and false teachers claiming to follow Jesus and love Him. Their greatest fear is being exposed.

When I read that I thought yes, if there is ever a description of DL Foster, this is it.  Alas though, he is talking about someone else.  And of course that someone else is the entire Christian group that contains gays and lesbians.  No big surprise coming from DL Foster.

But I do find it interesting that DL Foster speaks about their fear of ‘being exposed.’  Just remember that he is supposedly an ex-gay.  No one has a greater fear of being exposed than those people.  Time and time again these ex-gays have not been able to stand the test of time and remain ex-gay.  And most ex-gays, when they become gay again, state that they were never ex-gay in the first place.  They had been so full of self-delusion about their holiness and about their straightness that they didn’t have another way of dealing with being gay.  And some of these, like DL Foster, spend their entire time trying to convince the world that they are no longer gay.  Why spend so much time doing this?  You know, I would be more convinced if he just didn’t spend every waking moment attacking gays and lesbians with every word he writes.  It just reminds me too much of Ted Haggard and Larry Craig and all the rest of the hypocrites who scream from the top of their lungs how awful gays and lesbians are, but then–well, you know what Ted Haggard and Larry Craig do when they aren’t preaching or voting against gays and lesbians.  Thus their greatest fear is being exposed.  So let his words be turned back on himself and let him be exposed.

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