What Do Concerned Women Read?

I just saw a post up at BoxTurtleBulletin that stated that the Concerned Women For America are going to send a copy of the Folsom Street Fair video that Peter LaBarbera and his female buddy Allyson Smith took to all members of Congress.  I bet they are using their non-profit money to send those out…

Anyway, as I was looking at what important topics these Concerned Women are interested in, I saw a little box that lists what books some of the staff are reading.  Here are two:

Matt Barber, the Concerned Women’s Policy Director for Gay Cultural Issues (and good buddy of Peter LaBarbera) is reading:

clip_image001The Gay Gospel
by Joe Dallas

"Homosexual activists are having much success as they attempt to discredit one of the last guardians of truth about homosexual behavior – the Church. In The Gay Gospel, Joe Dallas masterfully debunks pro-"gay" theology in a spirit of love by using the light of God’s Word to expose this latest strategy of deception."


Sarah Rode, Assistant Policy Analyst, is reading:

clip_image001[4]Salvo Magazine
"Salvo is an entertaining new magazine that takes on the culture by educating readers and exposing the fraudulent myths which are prevalent in today’s culture. The latest issue discusses cultural issues such as transsexuality, abortion, body image, ‘queer theory,’ bestiality, pornography, popular television shows and movies, feminism and wrong ideology in higher education. Next month’s issue will put media bias in its crosshairs.
Saturated with facts, figures and helpful information, Salvo is an excellent resource for anyone looking to defend their value-driven beliefs on cultural issues. Subscribe to Salvo. Mention CWA for a 20% discount!"

I don’t find this surprising, especially what Matt Barber is reading (Joe Dallas, by the way, is an ex-gay).  I would bet that he sends his much-used copy to Peter LaBarbera so they can both salivate over the same book.  And whoever typed this title into the CWA’s website should really get the title correct:  it is "The Gay Gospel?"  Not "The Gay Gospel."  There is a difference in meaning.

I do find this Salvo Magazine more interesting, since it talks about ‘cultural issues’ such as ‘bestiality’ (????).  Since when is bestiality a cultural issue?  Do these Concerned Women know something I don’t about current cultural discussion topics?  I looked at the Salvo website and did a search for some of the topics that Sarah Rode listed.  Lots shows up for a search of ‘abortion’ (probably close to 70 articles, but I did not check every title–there could be duplicates);  two articles show up for ‘queer theory’; about 15 articles showed up for a search on ‘pornography’;   2 articles on ‘body image’; 21 on ‘feminism.’  However, nothing shows up under ‘transsexuality, nor does anything show up for bestiality.  So Salvo Magazine doesn’t discuss these ‘cultural issues’ of transexuality and bestiality, even though Sarah Rode, a Concerned Woman For America, thinks it does and states it does.  I think this is telling about what Sarah Rodes and the rest of these Concerned Women think are cultural issues, but really aren’t.   However, it does show what she is concerned about…

I could say quite a bit about ‘wrong ideology in higher education’ especially since I teach higher education.  I did have quite a bit of fun in my history of sexual orientation lecture, especially when I pointed out some quotes by pseudo-religious figures and their ‘thoughts’ on gays and lesbians.  I didn’t mention the Concerned Women For America in this lecture, but I did mention them in my lecture on Women’s History and especially their stance on the Equal Rights Amendment.  I wouldn’t consider this to be wrong ideology.  I just told my students what these Concerned Women had to say.

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