House Update #2

Today I had to go to Redwood City for the foundation inspection.  The assessor was there and he told me that if the house was for sale, he would buy it, so he thinks we are getting a good deal for it.  The foundation inspection told us pretty much what we already know–the house needs to be bolted to the foundation for earthquake safety.  The newer addition on the back of the house is bolted, but that isn’t enough.  It has survived for all this time without it, but we will need to get that taken care of.

We have to go down again tomorrow for the building inspection, chimney inspection, pest inspection and the gas and electric company is coming to look at the furnace.  Hopefully that will all go fine.  And we still need to wait for all the financial paperwork to make its way back to the title company.

Here are a few more pictures.  Unfortunately it was raining today when I was taking these:


In this next shot (the back of the house) you can see the size of those palm trees:


We are planning on taking out that driveway (with the white rock and red pavers) and getting rid of those white blocks.  that will really expand the yard and open it up a bit.

Here is the side yard:


You can see a bit of the brown fence (behind that large bush).  We are going to move that fence and make it parallel to the sidewalk.  You can’t see it, but that little patio has steps down into the side yard.  We’ll get rid of that big plant and open that area up.  I can’t wait to work in the yard!

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One Response to House Update #2

  1. Laura says:

    These pictures show so much more.  You are going to have so much fun in that yard.  I can already
    picture you out there.  Love and miss you guys!

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