A Familiar Screed


Oh boy.  I am not in a good mood right now, so this probably isn’t a good time to be dealing with these Bible-idiots who think the world should be wiped clean of everyone but their own little group (and no doubt once they have wiped out everyone else they will then attack each other like the wild dogs they are).  But here are some words of wisdom from a woman named Carol, who left this at Chesterstreet (why I am still reading that I don’t know…):

Homosexuality absolute IS a perversion – it’s akin to beastiality, incest, pedophilia, and a host of other related filth! In God’s eyes it’s an abomination!!!! And the Sodomites (and their supporters) who teach this filth to children are morally bankrupt and have a seared conscience!
They claim they want to make people "aware." But what they don’t realize is that they are following their master Satan who is trying to destroy marriage and the family – something that God instituted Himself!
If the family is broken, there is less likely of a chance that that family will receive Christ because they will be without their spiritual head which is the father who is supposed to make sure his wife is washed daily in the Word – to be without wrinkle and who trains up the child (along with the mother) in a Godly fashion. If one of those elements are removed, it weakens the family.
There is so much damage that homosexuality causes that it’s too lengthy to mention here. And what A Familiar Voice needs to be "aware" of is that in his ‘tolerance’ and worldly thinking, he is damning himself!
One Day you will realize the error in your thinking A Familiar Voice.

(A Familiar Voice was another person who left a comment). Can’t you just feel the love of Christ coming through this woman on the eve of Christmas?  🙂

There is nothing stopping me (except decency and a tiny bit of intelligence) from saying that heterosexuality is "akin to beastiality, incest, pedophilia, and a host of other related filth!"  (Well, I would at least attempt to spell bestiality correctly…).  Everyone knows that there are cases of heterosexuals who are involved in all of these disgusting things.  But no one in their right mind would condemn all heterosexuals for the acts of a few.  No more than anyone in their right mind would condemn all homosexuals because of the actions of a few.  Only idiots would do this.  I’m sorry.  I’m tired of playing nice with some of these bible-thumping dolts.  This Carol goes on and on how we are Satan’s followers and that we are out to destroy the "family."  I have to notice that Carol can’t really say how much damage homosexuality costs because "it’s too lengthy to mention here."  This usually means she doesn’t have a clue what she is writing about and therefore she doesn’t have to explain. 

And what on earth does it mean to have a ‘seared conscience’?  Teaching kids to understand that there are lots of different people out there isn’t a horrible thing unless they are learning that there are more things out there than just the Bible–it should be mandatory.  But the problem with these people is that you can’t teach tolerance. You can’t teach that discrimination exists.  Why?  Because they know damned well that they can’t tolerate other people, they openly discriminate and hide behind their fake veneer of religion. 

Notice too that she is talking about how a family is broken–this has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality, but problems between a married man and woman.  Of course she can’t see this because her point is to show how evil gays and lesbians are–but there is no logical connection between her first four sentences and the fifth, even though she thinks they are directly related.  What she is really talking about is the damage of divorce.  But like Peter LaBarbera, this Carol probably can’t stand to deal with heterosexuals and all of their problems.  So instead she blames gays and lesbians for all her problems.  And like some ex-gays out there, she can’t stand to have to take responsibility for her own actions.  It is so much easier to blame someone else for your own problems.

Oh, and Happy Holidays Carol (and those at Chesterstreet)…

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3 Responses to A Familiar Screed

  1. Robert says:

    Funny how these people know what God thinks. The thing that is destroying marriage is divorce, but if the Church ever said that, half the congregation would walk out. The real problem with Christianity, is people like Carrol, who are nasty and vile in their attacks on people they disagree with. Where is the Love of God? Where is the Joy? It\’s absent because this sort of Christianity is false to it\’s core. I been there done that, and it leaves one empty and full of hate, it\’s not based on Love and really being Christ like, it\’s based on trying to defend ones own hate and anger with false religion.
    I find it to be a waste of time to argue with these people, because half the time, they don\’t even know what their own Bible says.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob!  I agree with you about not arguing with these people.  I was tempted to leave a message at Chesterstreet, then thought that it would do no good to stir up the hornet\’s nest even further!

  3. Stefan says:

    Thank you for your powerful reply to the stupidity of this so-called Christians.

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