The Christmas Message (or lack thereof)

I just took my usual stroll through some blogs that I read that have views opposite of mine.  I expected to see messages about Christmas and the message of Christmas.  One had somewhat of a message, and that was at Chesterstreet.  It was written on Dec. 23 and titled "No compromise, then and now."  Then I went to Americans for Truth About Homosexuality expecting to see some type of Christmas message, since after all, Peter LaBarbera always is playing the religion card at his site.  But nothing. His last post, on the 22nd, was titled (not surprisingly) "A “Gay Man” Trapped in a Woman’s Body and Other Nonsense."  There is no Christmas message at Stacy Harp’s blog either.  Or at the Reverend ex-gay DL Foster’s site.  So all year round we hear about the ‘truths’ of Christianity from these people and now comes the time for messages of peace–and all you can hear is the crickets chirping.  For some reason I am not surprised…

Isn’t there supposed to be a concerted effort by people like those above to at least say Merry Christmas!  I guess I will give them a break, since after all, it is only Christmas Eve.  Maybe tomorrow they can talk about messages of peace and happiness for the world.

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2 Responses to The Christmas Message (or lack thereof)

  1. Robert says:

    Maybe these people have not posted about Christmas, because it\’s easier to look down on other people, than to really know what Jesus was about?
    Anyways, Merry Christmas Kevin.

  2. Kevin says:

    Merry Christmas Rob! I hope things are going well in Michigan.  I\’m going to check the usual blogs and see what good tidings they are wishing on everyone!

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