Not quite back online

Well, we moved on the third, just in time too.  There were a series of storms that came through on Friday and Saturday which would have made it impossible to move ourselves.  Now both of us are sick with colds, but I don’t think it is related (at least that is what Doug thinks!).

It has been quite the whirlwind.  The house is great.  There are some problems though and some of them have nearly solved themselves.  A big problem is that I discovered a leak under the shower in our bathroom.  I just happened to be looking under the crawlspace and Doug was taking a shower.  A plumber from the insurance company came out and they said they will fix it, but we have to pay to have a 2" by 6" moved and some copper tubing.  They’ll fix it and then we have to pay to have those things put back.  I don’t think so…  Anyway, I’ve called our real estate agent.  All the inspections said there were no leaks.  Clearly something was missed…

And more good news.  We bought a Prius the other day.  I drove it to work on my first day of teaching (Tuesday) and it got 50 miles/gallon (just in time–I see the price of oil just hit $100!).  We both love it.  We’ve been wanting one for years.  My first car was a Honda which I absolutely loved and Doug’s first car was a Mazda.  We considered other makes and models, but nothing comes close to that gas mileage. Nothing.

Anyway, we don’t have phone, cable tv or internet in the house yet.  We were told the house was cabled, but it wasn’t.  Comcast came out today and hooked up a line to the house and on Saturday a crew is supposed to come out and wire the house.  It has been a pain being away from the internet.  The other day we even had to use the YellowPages for the first time in years!  🙂

So hopefully Saturday will be the day.  I’m not going to hold my breath though.

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1 Response to Not quite back online

  1. Joe says:

    Glad to see you popped your head into the blog world.  WIth all the storms in the news I was worried.  I was going to email you and ask where you have been, but now I know!   Good Luck with the new car, we want of those too!  I have a mazda and it only gets 18 miles to the gallon.  Damn SUV

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