Back online

Boy, it has been a long time.  The house was wired up for cable on Saturday and by Saturday afternoon we were back online.  It is very strange not having the internet close–we were both laughing that we had to learn to use the YellowPages all over again!

We still don’t feel settled in the house yet.  Both of us have been pretty sick.  I am still fighting off a cold that started the first week of December.  I’m now at the end of the second course of antibiotics for an infection of some kind.  I am still coughing a bit and the antibiotics made me very sick last Saturday and Sunday, but I am finally feeling better.  Doug still has a pretty thick cough.

I started teaching at Cal State on the 8th and that is going well.  I’m teaching World Civ. II and the History of Ancient Greece.  I am really enjoying the Greece class.  The World Civ is sometimes difficult to get interested in, especially since it runs between 800-1700.  Some civilizations are interesting to me, and some aren’t, so it makes it hard to prepare.  But it has been going fine.  I’m also teaching Western Civ. I online and that started on Monday.  It’s going well so far.  I’ve prepared lectures and powerpoint slides for the students and have asked them to watch a great video series called the Western Tradition.  It should be a good class.

Next week is going to be wildly busy.  One of my friends at another college is going into the hospital for surgery this weekend.  His semester starts on Monday so he asked if I could fill in for  him for at least the first week.  I don’t know what the classes are just yet, but my guess is that they are U.S. history courses.  Luckily I have taught one of them at the same college.  I don’t know how much he will have prepared for me, but I hope it is a lot–my two classes at CSU takes up a huge amount of time to prepare for!

And next quarter I’ve been asked to teach two classes of World Civ. I.  One class is only for incoming freshmen, so I’ll have to teach it slightly differently than the other section.  I’ll find out more in the next couple of weeks.  But the teaching looks good so far.

And today I felt good enough to go out and clean up a bit of the yard.  There is a section that was full of these large canna lilies that I have to say I don’t like.  So they are gone.  It is right by the side door and I thought until we landscape the whole yard that would be a great place for the first herb garden.  It looks like some pretty good soil, so now I just need to pick up some thyme, sage, mint, oregano and whatever else I can think of.  There is already a giant rosemary bush on the side of the yard, so I don’t need to worry about planting that.  I really should be working, but we got this house so I can work in the yard…

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1 Response to Back online

  1. Joe says:

    Welcome back to cyber world….If I am correct, you are feeling pretty damn good to be teaching again. I am happy for you!  It also sounds like you are feeling content with the new house and making the changes to make it more like home.  I think this is pretty cool for you.Peace,-Joe

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