Peter LaBarbera off to Brazil to spread his anti-gay message

Good riddance.  What are the chances he’ll actually move to Brazil…

Anyway, he is off to give six lectures on the evils of homosexuals and of homosexuality.  He apparently believes that he is a persecuted Christian for his anti-gay message, since he mentions that some Brazilian Christians are being persecuted.  Poor martyrs for their beliefs…

The group he is visiting is the National Vision for Christian Awareness.  They made the news recently when one of their leaders, Julio Severo, was being ‘persecuted’ by those nasty homosexuals.  Well, Peter will certainly have a good time in Brazil with Julio.  Here are a few words by the man himself:

With good biblical, medical, psychological and social reasons, Christ’s true followers believe and teach that homosexuality is sin, perversion and abnormal.

…VINACC (Portuguese acronym for National Vision for Christian Conscience), an evangelical association based on Campina Grande, Paraiba, Brazil, had begun a June campaign to alert the population on the risks of an anti-homophobia bill in the Brazilian Congress, using billboards, addressing a subject that has been an obsession in the society, government and media: homosexuality. The VINACC billboards just said: “Homosexuality: And God made male and female and he saw it was good”. Many homosexual groups protested, and the federal government issued an official declaration condemning the VINACC campaign.

So as you can see, Julio and Peter are going to get along together just fine…

Again, these Christians are o.k. with the fact that society accepts that one can be Christian and believe what you want, but the Christians have a giant problem when they want to force their religious beliefs (or selections of their religious beliefs) down everyone else’s throat and they are resisted.  They just can’t seem to accept that there are actually other people out there that have different points of views and totally different gods. 

Peter ends by saying:

"Please pray for success and protection during this visit as Americans For Truth joins in solidarity with truth-tellers in this important nation."

I wish that that idiot would call his little non-profit by its actual name–Americans for Truth about Homosexuality.  Calling it Americans for Truth makes it sound more important than it actually is (but I suppose that is why he just can get himself to call his own organization by its legal name). 

And asking people to pray for his safety (from whom–the nasty homosexuals???) is just another method he begs for money. 

I also find it interesting that Peter, after his begging for money, gives this quote from the Bible:

“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24)

If Peter would pull his nose out of his anti-gay non-profit and actually read the Bible, he would see that Paul does not use this as an example of marriage–he uses it as an example of sex. (1 Cor. 6:16) And not good sex–it is sex between a man and a prostitute.  And man and a prostitute become one flesh–this has nothing to do with marriage.  Oh well, there is no point in actually thinking about what others have to say about the Bible when you can willy-nilly pick and choose what you want to use.

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One Response to Peter LaBarbera off to Brazil to spread his anti-gay message

  1. Robert says:

    " Christ’s true followers believe and teach that homosexuality is sin, perversion and abnormal."
    I guess Jesus was wrong too, since he never talked about the issue. It\’s obvious now that Jesus is part of the gay agenda, and he hates Christians!
    I\’m convinced that fundamentalist, and anti-gay promoters like Peter LaBarbera know nothing about Jesus or who he was. You can learn more about Jesus from a atheist than these people.

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