Flat on my back

After I finished teaching on Friday I came home and for the first time in weeks the weather was actually sunny.  So I decided I would go out and chop down a couple of dead shrubs and move a bunch of concrete blocks that the previous owner had set up.  I got all of them moved to the side of the house.  On Saturday I had a bit of a backache but nothing that was too worrisome.  So I had Doug help me with moving the next set of blocks and the first time I tried to pick up one I had this huge amount of pain in my lower left back.  I could barely breathe and certainly couldn’t walk.  It is a good thing that Doug was home because I would have been still outside when he came home from work!  He got a chair for me and called a dr.  I could barely shuffle to the car but we made it.  It looks like I only strained a back muscle, but it has affected everything–I can barely sit, barely stand, can’t raise my arms to get a shirt on and can only lie down, once Doug helps me into bed.  Ugh.  I went to the doctor again yesterday and he gave me some muscle relaxants, which seem to be working.  They make me very tired though.

And Doug stayed home from work today to give me a hand getting around.  It has been pretty awful.  I can now sit down on my own and can almost make it into bed by myself.  I’ve had to cancel my Tuesday classes because there is no way I can walk to the building from the parking lot, nor could I stand up for four hours giving a lecture.  Anyway, hopefully I will be feeling a bit better by Thursday.  I can’t really miss a week of teaching.

And I can’t believe it–it is supposed to be sunny the rest of the week…

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