Did Peter La Barbera Go To Brazil or Not?

I noticed that this week is Carnival–the big party that happens in quite a few South American cities.  And I also noticed that Peter LaBarbera was heading to Brazil to give 6 lectures on the evils of homosexuality.  Now I can’t find his original post that states he is going–either he pulled it or I just can’t find it.  I should be able to find it–he put it right under his quote from Genesis 2:24, but now it isn’t there. 

I wonder if Peter went to Brazil and caught a bit of the action at Carnival on his way to give his lectures (which would be totally in character for him since he manages to catch all the leather parties and bathhouse meetings where ever he goes), or if his invitation was pulled (I can’t imagine that was the case since he and one of the organizers have amazingly similar views).  Either way, I would expect him to be gloating over his success in Brazil.

I have to say I don’t know if I care too much.  Peter LaBarbera makes his living off of hate.  He claims to be Christian and claims to care about the homosexuals that he demonizes, but then makes no effort to actually do something good.  Sounds like a great scam for him since he has been doing it for 15 years.


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