I’ve been looking for some information about Peter LaBarbera and his statement that he was heading to Brazil to give a series of lectures on the evils of homosexuality.  When I typed in Peter LaBarbera Brazil, I got this link:

Americans for Truth » "Civil Unions" & "Gay Marriage"

PS I’m headed for Brazil for a week to give six talks on various aspects of the …. Conservative activist Peter LaBarbera says it was only a matter of time – 70k –
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When I clicked on, it automatically takes you to Peter LaBarbera’s hatesite, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. 

Anyway, I see from the program notes that he was to be there from Jan 30 to Feb. 5.  But not a word from Peter LaBarbera, either about his ‘seminars’ or his not going.  Sounds a bit suspicious to me.  And moreover, he erased his original post about going to Brazil.  Besides, clearly the person who is so excited about Peter going to Brazil doesn’t know Peter LaBarbera, because he called him a Dr:

Para se inscrever, gratuitamente, nas palestras do Dr. LaBarbera, clique aqui.

Here is a bit more of the post:

Peter LaBarbera no Brasil!

Peter LaBarbera será convidado especial do encontro da VINACC durante o Carnaval de 2008

And as I thought, Peter LaBarbera was to be there during Carnival.  How convenient for Peter if he did go.  I’ve heard Carnival can get pretty crazy with all those homosexuals running around.  And taking into account Peter’s ‘research’ at Folsum Street and all events that are gay, I am not surprised.

But anyway, so what is up with the going automatically to Americans for Truth About Homosexuality? 

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