Been Busy Teaching

It has been a busy week or two.  I just finished up teaching the eastern side of World Civilization and next week I start on the Western side.  It will be fun since that is really my area.  I’m also looking forward to looking at the history of Christianity in the west–both the good and the bad.  I’ve already talked about the Crusades and the call by Pope Urban the II to get Christians from all over Europe to go and kill the Muslims.  Nice use of religion, eh?  And that was just the start of the killing spree by these Christians–I suppose that is what happens when you have morons who pick and choose what they want to believe or hear–those people obviously never heard of the commandment to not kill.  I have also looked the Muslim Spain and the reconquista of the lands by the Christians and the forced conversions of the Muslims and the Jews to Christianity–or death.  I am looking forward to examining the spread of Europeans throughout the "new world" and the religious policies of the people who were conquering, slaughtering and enslaving people right and left.  Again, all this is from morons who pick and choose what they want to believe.  Sounds like a common problem in Christianity from the beginning…

Of course, I’ll talk about the good things too, especially about the monasteries and their role in saving knowledge throughout the breakdown of European society. 

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