Half Moon Bay

Last Thursday we had a friend of some of our Australian friends stay with us.  He was a really nice guy and it was great to head the Australian accent again!  Anyway, on Friday I took him to Half Moon Bay, a little coastal town.  The weather was the best it has been since the beginning of the year (and it has stayed that way!).  We parked the car in town and walked to the ocean.  It was probably 70 and sunny.  On our way back to town there was this large field and it was full of yellow flowers blooming:




As I said, the weather has remained nice.  In fact, last Sunday I bought some mint, thyme and oregano and put them in the garden.  It looks like this weekend is supposed to be near 70 again.  It will make working hard, but there are lots of little projects I want to start around the house.

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