Gays and fascism

I don’t know how Joe Brummer does it–he has been having a conversation with the ex-gay DL Foster and has been attacked on all sides by people who claim to be on the side of God.  One man, Vincent Chia, is a good e-buddy with DL Foster.  He is from Singapore and has his own blog. He left this comment at

  • Vincent Chia, on February 15th, 2008 at 2:48 pm Said:

    Go to:

    Download “Exploding the Gay Myth Part 1 and 2″ in pdf format.

    In Part 1, pp. 78-91., we find the relevant research and statistics showing that gay-related sexual activities continue to be the MAJOR source of HIV and AIDS. When AIDS was first discovered in humans, it was found SOLELY amongst gay communities.


  • ("Solely amongst gay communities"–really?  Then how did it ‘escape’???)  Vincent seems to be a fairly intelligent person, except that he is relying on a website called for his information. Not very smart, considering what this hatesite has to say.  Here is a bit:

    At one time, homosexuals lived amongst others without much of a problem. Suddenly, homosexuals want total power and claim all kinds of awful things are being done to them. Don’t you think this is strange?

    Marxist and Leninist Russia made homosexuality acceptable, because communism thought it was a good idea to dissolve families. Thirty years later, Russia reversed its laws and made homosexuality illegal, because the birth rate had dropped so low and children were out of control.

    This same Marxian-socialist-fascist philosophy is behind the current heterophobic battle deliberately forced on society by gay activists. The idea is to completely destroy society and to make it godless and free of all restraint. Homosexuals are lying when they say people are attacking them in large numbers!


    The free eBook is not just for Christians. It is for all people who have not been brainwashed by lying, deceiving, violent, gay propaganda.

    If you value your freedom to speak, or even to think, then join us and fight gay activist propaganda with the truth in this book! Once you learn the truth, tell as many as possible. Send copies of the book to everyone, including government ministers. Demand that they get rid of pro-gay laws immediately, because they are founded on lies and bad research.

    We can live with gays amongst us, as we always have. We do not like what they do, but so long as they don’t lie, deceive, seduce our kids, present us with vile pornography, and stop freedom of speech, they can continue as before. After all, God sees them and will judge them. He says what they do is an abomination, because it is unnatural and unsafe and against His laws. God will deal with them, not us. Read the book and know the truth.


    I don’t know who this Dr. Rob Martyn is (but I’ll spend some time later today looking him up).  He won’t allow contact details:

    Note from Dr Rob Martyn: In the USA gay activists are extremely vicious, so this site has no contact page, for security reasons.  Therefore, a Christian organisation in the UK kindly registered this site on my behalf.

    Who is the Christian organization?  It is the Bible Theologies Ministries, run by Jim Waddle in the U.K.  If you go to their website, they list Gays and Fascism, so it isn’t too much of a secret.  And like all the other ‘christian’ activists here in the U.S., writing against the evil homosexuals is an obsession at the Bible Theologies Ministries.  But I don’t need to go into that because it is the same old story, just repeated.  I do find it interesting that this group only accepts the King James Version:

    The word of God, completely and utterly, is perfect and without flaw or contradiction. It is our only guide for living and for faith. Everything we think, say or do, must come from, be based on and return to, this word, which was written by men inspired to do so by the Holy Spirit. We believe that the King James version (AV) is the most accurate version we have and that can be trusted. We do not, as BTM, accept other versions, which are based on corrupt sources and texts.


    So they think the King James Version is not based on corrupt sources and texts?  And not surprisingly, they hate the Catholic Church:

    Roman Catholicism is not the ‘mother church’; it refused to be disciplined 2-300 years after Christ’s death and took itself out of the true Church (As is described in, for example, ‘Reformation’ by Diarmaid MacCulloch, Publ. Penguin, 2003). Since that time it has been a heretical cult. It is not a part of the Church of Jesus Christ and its members cannot be saved by its teachings or preaching. Christians can have no part in its determinations, ecumenical ventures, meetings, or any other activity. As with any cult, some within its ranks might, at times, be saved by Grace, but this is despite Romanist teachings, not because of them. It is their duty, once saved, to come away from the cult.

    Like I said, the same old story.  Anyway, I am way off topic, which was gaysandfascism and Vincent Chia.  I would say to Vincent Chia–maybe do a bit more research before making such claims in order to demonize gays and lesbians (unless that is, of course, is mission…).

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    One Response to Gays and fascism

    1. Robert says:

      By this guys theory, you could assume that African Americans were OK with slavery and segregation, since they did not speak up right away, i guess they lived peaceably too!
      Total Power? Since when is wanting the same rights as everyone else, total power, instead that is what the anti-gay groups have on the Gay Community, total power or at least pretty close, they are keeping us from having any real rights, and the moment a right is given, they challenge it, as if we are somewhat not a human as they are.
      God bless Joe for having the ability to deal with these people.

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