Another Dead Kid Because of Hate

I see that the 15 year old who was shot and killed at his school because he dressed like a girl.  That was it.  The killer is an eight grader (14 years old) who will probably tried as an adult and is also charged with a hate crime.

Now I could say a lot about this 14 year old.  It is tragic, but this is something that could have been avoided.  But instead you have people like Peter LaBarbera, DL Foster and the rest of their buddies calling gays and lesbians wicked and evil.  So an impressionable 14 year old hears this message and takes it into his own hands to deal with it.  And now we have a dead 15 year old because of it.  The message that these anti-gay activists spread in the name of religion is poison and this is one result of that poison. 

The Ventura County School system has a program for middle school kids to teach tolerance and acceptance (something that DL Foster, Peter LaBarbera, Mark at Chesterstreet and all the rest of the anti-gay crusaders are totally against and fight against).  But it wasn’t enough and you have people who I just mentioned that fight tooth and nail against these programs.  They must know that their actions have repercussions.  In fact, just the other day Peter LaBarbera wrote a post with the words Tranny Insanity.  Here are some words from the anti-gay activist about an 8 year old (and I don’t know if Lawrence King would have become a transexual):

In the case of the eight-year-old boy, to what future are the politically correct adults — parents and school authorities included — consigning him with their “caring” embrace of deviance?


And more to the point:

Also note that the Colorado school principal frames this as an issue of “diversity” — showing the elasticity of that term to include extremely disordered behavioral choices among even the youngest students. This story and the way it is being reported is a microcosm of America’s deep moral crisis.


So Peter LaBarbera is against diversity; he spreads his hate, and some people listen.  I wonder if that 14 year old had heard some of the message spouted against diversity by people like LaBarbera?

I don’t know how these people live with themselves.

And this is the reason why we can never stop fighting against this hate that they believe is based on religion. And this is why we must never let the so-called religious message of Peter LaBarbera and DL Foster (and all the rest of their buddies–you know who you are) become the law of this country.  We’ll see a heck of a lot more dead people if that ever happens.

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