John McCain and Torture

How many times has John McCain used his ‘I was tortured in Vietnam" story to talk about torture and to stop it from occurring?  More times than I can count.  Well, I see he must have forgotten his torture because he is now urging Bush to veto a bill that would stop the government from waterboarding.  Why?  Because it will limit the CIA (according to McCain).  Now I really don’t like this man.  You would think that someone who was tortured would really fight against it.  I guess torture is a different story when you are running for president as opposed to being a captive…

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2 Responses to John McCain and Torture

  1. Rob says:

    America has admitted to doing things that we convicted and executed people for doing in other wars.  It\’s disgraceful.
    Here you have McCain trying to convince the "Bring on the Rapture" segment of the republican party that he isn\’t as moderate as people have made him out to be.  It\’s sad.  I think if McCain had been able to let go of the idea of being President he could have retired as an honored statesman.  Some people will still think of him that way, but this campaign has diminished him.

  2. Robert says:

    What\’s odd is he has supported legeslation before to stop torture, and now it seem as if he is for it. His argument is that he does not support torture, but we should not limit the CIA. Sounds like flip flopping to me.

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