My Letter to the Democratic Party about Ken Hutcherson

You will need to read the post just before this for this post to make sense.   Ken Hutcherson, the rabid anti-gay ‘minister’ had written to the DNC demanding money back that it gave to the Gay and Lesbian Task Force.  But his words in this letter were lifted right from the words of Peter LaBarbera.  I decided to write my own letter to the DNC to let them know this.  I figure if Ken Hutcherson really cared about this issue he could at least write a letter using his own words…


To whom it may concern,

I just noticed that Ken Hutcherson, a virulent anti-gay ‘reverend’ has just written to the DNC and demanded that it take back money that the DNC donated to the Gay and Lesbian Task Force.  I noticed that there were amazing similarities to the letter he sent you and to what the virulent anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera wrote at his anti-gay website Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.  Here are the similarities between what LaBarbera originally wrote and what Hutcherson wrote:

LaBarbera:  “Leather Leadership Award” to Guy Baldwin, an advocate of  “erotic” and “consensual slavery.”

Hutch:  "so they could award Guy Baldwin, an advocate of sadomasochism and “consensual slavery.”


LaBarbera:  "We at Americans For Truth call on the DNC to demand their money back from the NGLTF"

Hutch: "As an African American leader and Pastor, I insist the DNC demand its money back. "


LaBarbera:  "in glorifying this disgusting, sadomasochistic perversion that belittles the forced suffering of African Americans under slavery."

Hutch:  "and at the same time support a perversion that belittles and makes a mockery of our suffering under slavery?"


You would think that if Hutcherson really cared about this issue, he wouldn’t have resorted to plagiarism.
I hope that the DNC contacts Hutcherson for comments about his so-called letter.

Dr. Kevin Kaatz

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