I’m still Waiting…

A couple of months ago an anti-gay activist stated that she would soon produce historical facts about the resurrection of Christ and historical facts that he was the Son of God.  I’m still waiting.  And I see others state that this is historical fact too. Well, I now await the historical facts that Jesus was resurrected and is the Son of God.  And before you start, I’ll repeat this again–I believe that Jesus was a man and really existed.  I think there is enough historical proof for that.  And again, before you start, make sure you understand the difference between historical fact and your own belief.  If you believe that Jesus was resurrected, fine–that is a belief.  I’m happy if you want to believe that.  Now you just need to prove it historically. 


And before I am accused of christian bashing, I need to repeat that I think Christianity is a good religion.  People who were Christians have done some great things.  I am happy if people believe whatever they want to believe.  However, there is a wide divide between what is belief and what is history.  That is all I am pointing out. 

And speaking of belief, I am about to give a lecture in my ancient Greek history course about Alexander the Great.  Did you know that he believed himself to be the son of Zeus and the son of a human mother much like the character of Achilles in the Iliad and much like other people from the ancient near east who claimed to be semi-divine (like a lot of Roman emperors).  Was he?  Well, I know that Alexander the Great actually existed as a man.  There is plenty of proof for that.  But what do I do about other Greeks who believed he was the son of Zeus and the son of a human mother or his own belief that he was semi-divine?  Not much, I’m afraid.  That is where we step into religion and personal belief.  Historically I can’t prove that Alexander is semi-divine.  I can say that he believed himself to be semi-divine and I can say that some Greeks believed him to be semi-divine, but that doesn’t make it historically true, because how do you prove a belief in divinity?  So what I will be telling my students tomorrow is that Alexander believed himself to be the son of God.  I’ll leave it up to them to actually believe it or not.  And I will also make the connection to others who believed themselves to be sons of Gods (starting with Achilles, since we are also reading the Iliad).  It should make for some interesting conversation…

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5 Responses to I’m still Waiting…

  1. Wood says:

    Like George Carlin, I believe that the two best things that Christianity has produced in this world are Music and the Art. The other things that Christianity has fostered I\’m still trying to figure out.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Wood!  Thanks for your comments.  I just need to remember to keep sarcasm to a minimum!

  3. Deb says:

    From various translations, misinterpretations and text that have
    been written over and over, it does boil down to one thing: faith.    I, as a Christian, who believes that Jesus
    is Son of God and has resurrected from the dead, I cannot give you historical
    truth other than what the scriptures say. 
    I will say this: scripture isn’t always clear and it’s not so black and
    white as we’d like it to be.   Why do so
    many Christians fight and argue with one another?  Why do they debate over the SAME scripture or passage, when it
    should mean the “same thing”, right?   I
    would never force my belief down your throat, because you can’t with plain
    text.  You can’t without proof.  You can only speak what you believe, hold it
    dear to your heart, and treat one another with respect.  …And that’s all. 



  4. Kevin says:

     Hi Deb!  I totally agree with you about belief and respect.  That was the whole point of me writing what I did.  I have no problems respecting people who are Christians.  The problem I have with a few of them is trying to change the laws of this country which favor their religious beliefs. 

  5. Deb says:

    I’m viewed as a ‘hypocritical Christian’, because I respect
    other religions.  All I can do is “believe”
    what I believe, and know what’s “truth” for “me”—–not anybody else.  I also get criticized for saying things
    like: there is no “one truth” – there’s truth of one’s belief.  Unless there is absolute scientific
    evidence, historical background, there will never be “one truth”.   I accept that – other Christians do
    not.    I also accept, that if we elect
    a president even with a different religion, then that’s ok.  As long as “I” stay true to my belief, then
    what’s the difference?    People are so
    used to others shoving Christianity down everyone’s throat, that it’s almost
    safe to say that it’s OK to do as a government. It’s not a melting pot…it’s a
    pot that boiled down to a one-minded state: Christianity.   No other way.  

    God gave us “choice”. 
    It says so in the bible.   The government doesn’t give us that. Plus, how many Christians act Christian anyway?    They preach with profanity and insults and then say they love the Lord. Makes me almost want to turn religions to tell you the truth…thank God my faith is strong though!  Keep on keepin\’ on Kev!  🙂

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